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    Skin fold irritation prevention -- a new product (new to me anyway)

    Hi all, I was at work yesterday and our wound nurse came by and showed us a product that is used to prevent breakdown in skin folds. We have a lot of mamas with large pannus's and if they have a cesarean, there's often an incision there and it can compromise the incision's integrity. We've...
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    Georgia's new anti-obesity campaign aimed toward kids

    Is shame really the right approach with this? I caught a few minutes of the discussion on the Today show yesterday and was appalled by some of the things in the campaign. It really seems like a huge step backward in terms of helping kids find healthy ways of eating and encouraging them to...
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    The headache that doesn't go away

    Hi all, I thought I'd share with you a challenge I've been going through, just in case my experience can help someone, and they can seek early treatment. On January 7, while adjusting phototherapy lights at work, I got a headache. Figuring it to be a migraine triggered by staring at the...
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    Online info aggregators?

    Hi guys, Burtimus shared with me a site that searches the internet and culls personal information about people and posts it on their site. I found my address, a picture of my home, with my car out front when I searched for my name. I always thought I was careful about what I shared but...
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    Music Aficionado's -- I have a question.

    There are so many ways to buy -- not steal -- music these days. Go to a store. Buy it in CD form at Amazon. Download it on iTunes. When you want to buy a CD, the entire CD, what's your preferred way of getting it into your hot little hands? Do you like the instant gratification of getting the...
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    Tabletop roasters

    Tell me your experiences, please. We have a teensy tiny convection oven which (barely) holds a roasting pan and nothing else, making it interesting to try to cook turkey dinners. So... I'm thinking about picking one up. Have you guys used them? Are they all created equal? Worth the expense...
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    Anyone check out the Today Show today?

    They had a brief, but mostly positive, discussion about fat acceptance. There was the usual "isn't it just a cop out" schtick but there was also a lot of very positive things said about being bigger than a size two. Surprisingly, their medical correspondent was very outspoken about how doctors...
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    "Being Human" on BBC. Anyone seen it?

    There's a new vampire show on the BBC and Burtimus and I have watched the first three episodes. It's actually quite good! The premise is that a werewolf, a vampire, and a ghost are roommates in Bristol and while it started out perhaps a little trite, it's getting a lot more nitty gritty as the...
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    Medscape article on weight gain with Depo

    Many of us have experienced weight gain with Depo Provera, an injectable birth control that you take every three months. While it's effectiveness is not in question, many women have reported weight gain, but were told by our doctors that it was "all in our heads". This study seems to dispel...
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    Profanity Bleeps Physical Pain

    I knew it! I f'ing knew it! The link, for your edification.
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    Rebound acid secretion after discontinuing PPI's

    (PPI's are proton pump inhibitors like Prilosec. They work by suppressing the pumps that create stomach acid in the stomach, unlike antacids which just change the pH of the stomach.) For those of you on long term PPI therapy, this may have some significance for you. It seems that a large...
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    "Are You a Size-Friendly Midwife?"

    I had this article posted to me at Facebook. It's excellent. Check it out. Here's just a little sample of the article, which I highly recommend reading. Fat women are tired of being marginalized by the medical community. They tell stories of egregious bias, of being treated as less than...
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    Invisalign, anyone?

    Anyone??? Anyone??? Okay so it's no big secret that I hate the gap between my two front teeth, coupled with my overbite, about as much as a person can hate their smile. To this point, I've been too busy/chicken/poor or all of the above to pursue braces. But now I'm thinking about it because...
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    Ooooh! Ooooh! Ooooh! New Red Dwarf!!

    Completely by accident, I found out that they're creating a new Red Dwarf Series, called Back to Earth! I've missed those crazy space travelers, and am excited that at least the UK, and hopefully eventually the US, will get to see new RD. Any other geeks out there as excited as I am??
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    Cell phones popping popcorn???

    Is this even possible? And if it is possible, then what are our cell phones doing to our brains? Do you think this is for real? Or is it some sort of trick? I can't imagine the physics of this. Generic Geek?? Other scientifically minded folks? You wanna weigh in on this? It's a trick, right?
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    Hoagie spread???

    A co-worker of mine just got back from visiting family in Baltimore and brought back something called "hoagie spread". It was all these different colors of green and red peppers in a spicy vinegar and it ROCKED!!! My question.... how do I get it? Who makes it? WHAT is it? Anyone else here a...
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    Seven7 Jeans

    Hey ladies, I've recently found a brand of jeans I really like and just found out that they have them at Lane Bryant in plus sizes, up to 32. (I got mine at Gottschalk's). Anyhow, they're called Seven7 and I've found them to be very "hip friendly". They come up high enough (a rarity these days...
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    Does [insert food product here] go bad?

    And if so... when? I thought this could be a useful thread for those of us who don't have mums to tell us what to do. ;) What made me think of it was when I was cleaning out my cupboards and ran into an old bag of popcorn. It's closed, never opened, and Goddess knows how old it is. Is it...
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    Pulsed light photorejuvenation

    Anyone tried it? I had a consult with the esthetician in my cosmetic surgeon's office and I think I'm going to try it. I have some spider veins around my nose and on my cheeks, not to mention my lovely Germanic reddish coloring which is showing the early stages of Rosacea. The lady was super...
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    Your favorite pesto recipe

    Okay, I know we have some excellent cooks here who can guide me in this. I got a bunch (as in... a huge BAG!) of fresh basil from our farm coop and I decided this is the year I'm going to make pesto. Only problem is... I don't know how. So I'd love recipes, ideas for storage, etc that you can...