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  1. Aurora1

    DISNEY at 400+ pounds

    Let's face it...Disney is a foodie paradise so to be perfectly honest with you...pace yourself...there are cake pops on every corner. That's part of the reason I love it! lol Make dining reservations as far in advance as you can or u will end up eating hot dogs, chicken nuggets & Mickey ice...
  2. Aurora1


    No smartass lol I found his wife's Facebook page. That's just how I pretty much confirmed that it was his wife...and he admitted it.
  3. Aurora1


    I appreciate it but I have his info. I've chosen not to contact his wife. The biggest reason is because the ones who stand to get hurt the most out of doing that are his children and I don't want that. It's not their fault their Dad is a douche. I also find it very hard to believe his wife has...
  4. Aurora1


    His oldest daughter was around my daughter's age which is 10. The other two are younger. I have no idea how old they are but they look to be around 7 and 4 if I had to guess?? They are definitely his...the resemblance is striking. He admitted it to me as well.
  5. Aurora1


    Well one of the things he always made an effort to do since the day I met him was prove what a great guy he was. He always went out of his way to try to make a good impression like that. Before I make any kind of character assasinations I just really wanted to come here and state the proven...
  6. Aurora1


    I don't really know if he's currently soliciting people. I do know that he sought me out when we first met. If I had known this information about him when we first met I would have chosen NOT to get involved with him. I wasn't allowed that opportunity because I didn't have the whole truth. I...
  7. Aurora1


    Hey Melissa, I found a picture of his wife and THREE little girls online. In the backround of the picture was a fireplace with 5 stocking hanging that had all their names embroidered on them. I knew his one daughter's name already because he told me he had one daughter. I did not know he...
  8. Aurora1


    ****PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT*** ****REGARDING FULLBACK4439**** This is just a public service announcement to inform you that if you or anyone you may know is involved with this member he is in fact married. I would never have posted anything publicly but I see he is still creeping...
  9. Aurora1

    Cherpumple anyone?

    I actually saw this link somewhere on FB and I just had to post this here! It is a called a cherpumple, and it represents all that remains good and right in this fallen world. Pastry chef David Lowery made this 21 lb. 10 oz. concoction for guests at the Grand Geneva Resort in Wisconsin. I...
  10. Aurora1

    And now for something completely different: Soylent steaks!

    Well call me environmentally irresponsible...but I'm NOT eating shit...EVER lol
  11. Aurora1

    What should I do with this eggplant?

    I do! I mean yes! I will marry you & We can serve eggplant parm at our reception! It's perfect! I even love that you keep the tv remote control by your plate! loll
  12. Aurora1

    What should I do with this eggplant?

    I vote for eggplant parmesan ;) Fry it really well and add lots of cheeeeeeese! :eat2: lol
  13. Aurora1

    Oh dear god no. People are fat. Sound the alarms. e_e

    The author made it sound like we are trying to take over the world....wait....are we? lol
  14. Aurora1


    Your dream might have actually been a premonition Ned! Jerseylicious had a BBW party on the most recent episode ;)
  15. Aurora1

    Tips on Bash Behavior

    Nancy, I would appreciate if you not talk about me like that! Sheesh! Thought you had a friend...FAIL! :p You have single handedly wrecked the unity and compassion that we used to have here and managed to make everyone hate eachother! Way to go Nate! :p
  16. Aurora1

    Tips on Bash Behavior

    RULE # 3 Maintain an ounce of decorum at all times. Hmmmm....well.....I always try to keep it classy...FAIL! This maybe why I get no play at these things and end up wedged between the bed and wall with some pringles up my ass and my best friend just standing over me laughing her ass off...just...
  17. Aurora1

    'Fat Ass' Yearbook Comment

    I haven't had time to read through this entire thread but all I can say is...don't let them win. If you give up...then they win. Be who you really want to be....if you can visualize can do it. Just because someone says you are whatever doesn't mean you ARE that thing. Living well is...
  18. Aurora1

    Lunch Ideas Needed

    My answer is..............SALAD! I know you like salad so make the salad bar type salads. Experiment with different toppings like ham, turkey or bacon, different cubed cheeses and croutons or oriental crunchies in a can they sell, sun dried tomatoes or marinated peppers or 3 bean salad or chick...
  19. Aurora1

    Food Porn (Food Gawker - combined threads)

    That foodgawker site is just speakin to me...I know it! It makes me wanna go out and.......order some disco fries......and eat em up! Next time I go out Ima order a McNugget Martini!:eat2:
  20. Aurora1

    The Restaurant Meal PICS Thread!

    Yeah, I second that emotion ;)
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