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    Looking for an office weight gain story.

    It's been many years so I can't remember much.. It mostly involved a man and I think his female boss gaining weight, and then they are joined by two more woman and another guy. The man and boss start a relationship and one of the woman joins in, the third woman and second guy mostly just eat...
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    Looking for a story.

    I remember this story. I used to be on Deviantart but for the life of me I can't remember the author's name
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    Lactation and wg?

    how about this one?
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    Looking for stories

    this the first one? and i remember the one about the homecoming queen too. i think your right about the title but for the life of me i can't find it either.
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    Looking for a story.

    "The fattening of a possible prom queen" is the name of the story. i know it was posted on here but i think it was slightly re-written
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    lookin for a story on here

    Is this the one?
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    Looking for a Story (what a surprise)

    Ah this is an old favourite of mine. Good taste
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    I need help finding a story, too.

    That my good sir is a story by "The Studio" it's called Katy a Fattening story.
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    Freshman 15 by Anonymous (SSBBW, Feeding, Stuffing, Immobility, ~XWG)

    This also was on of my favorites. Glad to see it on the main forum.
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    Any stories feturing maid protagonists?

    The house on kendell Hill has mention of a maid being fattened up. Bit gruesome ending though..
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    Looking for story.

    sounds like Justjoe's Tragic loss nice gain.
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    Heidi part 2?

    Sorry to be a pest H.G. but any luck on editing your 2nd part of the heidi story? I'd love to see it continue.
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    Heidi Chapters 1-6 - by HGee (~BBW, Extreme Eating, ~XWG)

    I thought HGee wrote that there was actually a 2nd part to the story he just has to revise it.
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    Roomie to grow?

    I don't want to sound like one of those impatient "wheres the next part" guy. But is it still going on?
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    Looking for Fatgirl/Batgirl Story? btb has the story on his yahoo group it's in the files section under wren spot weight gain archive.
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    Heidi Chapters 1-6 - by HGee (~BBW, Extreme Eating, ~XWG)
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    Heidi Chapters 1-6 - by HGee (~BBW, Extreme Eating, ~XWG)

    Actually H.G did do another story called Tasha and Tara it was a two parted that was only posted on the weightbored. it was actualyl another veryg ood story.
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    Did I miss something?

    I could of sworn it said she was 18... also how could it have lasted 7 chapters until someone decided to delete it?
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    Did I miss something?

    What happened to The big star series? I was enjoying that and now all the posts are gone.
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