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    What Are You Happy About Today? Part 2

    What made me happy today? Let me tell you....I am so happy that at last, my very elegant Catalina Dress arrived. I wasn't expecting for this to arrive today but yeah It was such an amazing dress. I will wear this on my birthday this saturday
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    The Wedding Ringer
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    MAKEUP- Oh How I love MAKEUP

    I'm not all that comfortable with contouring yet, so I'm sticking with a powder contouring set that I got from Napoleon Perdis. It's a really good brand, and I love their concealers. As for contouring rules for us with slightly rounder face, I believe Nikkie from Nikkitutorials has some valuable...
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    What Are You EATING right now?

    Boiled corn on the cob. So good.
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    What Are You Happy About Today? Part 2

    I was very productive today and that makes me really happy. I finally got around to redecorating my home office. Wasn't anything crazy, but I painted one wall grey, the rest is white. I added a black, fluffy rug (I've been pondering on the right one for quite some time now), and I added some...
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    What Are You Watching Right Now?

    Breaking Dawn Part 2. For some reason, I was feeling nostalgic, and I found myself wanting some Robsten (Rob + Kristen).
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    What Are You Watching Right Now?

    A new animated movie titled, "Sing". My daughter loves it and insists on watching it over and over again. It's nice!
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    What are you wearing right now?

    Thanks! :D it's really unique
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    What book are you reading right now?

    I just got an ARC for author Marian Tee's newest book "Savage, Broken, and Beautiful" and will be reding it today.
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    What are you having for breakfast

    Today I had a couple of sunny side up eggs and fried rice :)
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    What did you buy today?

    Haha. I'm trying to lay off spending too much on clothes too, but recently I needed to attend a wedding that required silk scarves for the bride's friends, so I bought myself this adorable floral. I don't own a lot of silk items, so I was shocked at how soft and luxurious it was. It was...
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    What are you wearing right now?

    Right now, since I'm just at home, I'm wearing my favourite printed track pants, white tank top and crocs. :D :D It's a very laid back look, but I feel like I can still go out if I need to.
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    What Are You EATING right now?

    Cheetos - Cheddar Jalapeno
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