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  1. Cypress_bbw

    Do you really think the blondes can be feedees?

    I am naturally a honey wheat blond. I have bleached it in the past to a much lighter blond too. However, recently I have chosen to go darker for a while. I have been gaining for a few years now. So I would say that, blonds just wanting to be small is a myth. Just my two cents for you both. :)
  2. Cypress_bbw

    Feeding: Hands on or hands off?

    Russ2d, Thank you very much for your kind words about my looks. Yes, being fed and force fed is erotic on its own...However, I haven't tried actually sitting on the feeder while I eat and grow. Gives me interesting and arousing thoughts... :wubu: :p :blush: Thank you for sharing that with...
  3. Cypress_bbw

    Fat Art

    Thank you so much Tori! These are just a few new ones, I have many ideas.... Soo many....
  4. Cypress_bbw

    Fat Art

    Here are a few of my fat art pieces. Yes, this is really me and my body. Be kind! Thank you! Cypress :kiss2:
  5. Cypress_bbw

    Feeding Positions?

    Now, I'm not 100% sure if this as been posted as of yet. I didn't see it listed anywhere so I will take a chance and post it.:confused: Feedees & Feeders! What position do you think is best for feeding and getting the belly to accept the most food possible? :eat1: I have heard laying on...
  6. Cypress_bbw

    WG Art Thats my site there on the wonderful DA. I also posted some belly pictures there. :) Enjoy. Might post them here on Dimensions too...
  7. Cypress_bbw

    WG Art

    I love DA!!!! Great art on Gaining and Feedees! :) LOVE IT!!!
  8. Cypress_bbw


    Your very, very welcome! You shall find one some day. I know there are some on Myspace. You just have to search and ask the right questions. :) Oh Also remember to eat veggies, fruits too. I know some of these tips I said probably seem silly, but sometimes people forget things like this...
  9. Cypress_bbw

    For those who are real time Feeders/Feedees

    Yes, true. I love asking for belly rubs. Which in a way is demanding. Yes, both are extremely hot. 100% agreed there! :)
  10. Cypress_bbw

    How much food do you eat?

    Some of it can be due to stress hon, that happens to me. Or if there is something making you sad or or when you get sick like you just were. I have gone threw periods of time where I didn't eat a lot and yet somehow I still gained but not a lot. It fully relies on how you are feeling and what...
  11. Cypress_bbw


    :bow: FatLover my tips would be these: #1 Fast food (in moderation, too much of it can throw your body off balance *blood sugar, insulin levels <make sure to know your family history on diabetes too!>, Testosterone and estrogen levels too and etc...) #2 Snack or pick at food all the time. Even...
  12. Cypress_bbw

    Feeding: Hands on or hands off?

    I would have to say both, but for me it also depends on the situation as well. I always love to pick on food and or eat. But there are times that I love being hand-fed and force fed, and those for some reason turn me on more then anything. Just the mer thought of my Partner placing the very...
  13. Cypress_bbw

    BDSM and feeding?!?

    Your not alone. Ive been in BDSM relationships before luckily those men were into or loved big women. However, the BDSM group here is sorta the same way. Most I believe are still thinking its horribly taboo, or just not interested in it in any way shape or form. There is also the uneducated...
  14. Cypress_bbw

    Wider or bellier?

    I'm a real time gainer, even though I too have many, many dreams and fantasies about growing in a certain way. I want a big super round pregnant looking belly. Thats how I want to see myself growing. However, I have a saggy belly currently, its rounding out towards the top and starting to push...
  15. Cypress_bbw

    How fat is too fat?

    I feel that it is both based on two things - remembering #1 always be healthy at any weight. #2 Depending on a persons frame - they can be lovely at a lower weight or a much higher weight.
  16. Cypress_bbw

    For those who are real time Feeders/Feedees

    Hello My Dear, My real name is Sarah. However, I felt as if I should share my thoughts and exp with you and the wonderful people here on the forums. I have been a feedee in the past in real time. Currently I'm a I guess you could call it a semi-feedee. The man I'm living with is deff a FA...
  17. Cypress_bbw

    More than a vacation - by Dale 71395 (SSBBW, Tube Feeding, ~XWG)

    Yes I loved this one. That would be heaven
  18. Cypress_bbw

    A Drink of What? - by Neogenevieve15 (BBW, Abduction, Force Feeding ~~WG )

    the story so far, but it needs more to it. not sure what else. but its good to start with
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