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    The Lesson - by Brett (~BBW, Eating, Revenge, ~MWG )

    ~BBW, Eating, Revenge, ~MWG - Prima donna gets a rude (and expansive) awakeninmg (Editor's note: This recently retrieved classic story was originally written in 1996 as the author's first attempt at WG fiction) The Lesson by Brett (AKA Maverick) "How demeaning," Susan thought to...
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    Maverick's Stories

    I know there are a few fans of my stories here ("The Lesson," "The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea," etc.) so I wanted to let you know that I have created a Deviantart page to archive ALL my weight-gain fiction: I still have quite a few stories and other...
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    The Lesson - by Brett (~BBW, Eating, Revenge, ~MWG )

    "I can't believe today's the day," Susan thought to herself as she rolled out of bed. It had been six months since Susan's first day on the job at Burger World and she finally had enough money to pay back her father for the damage done to his car. It had been the longest six months of her life...
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    Melissa's Journal - by Maverick (~BBW, Eating, Revenge, ~~WG)

    Didn't realize this was posted here. Just found it by accident a few minutes ago :). Yeah, I kind of abandoned this one. That said, I wanted to explore the transformation of a fat wallflower into a skinny bitch (and vice versa) and that objective was basically met. I think that's why I...
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    Top 3?

    Counting down from #3... 3.) "The Restaurant" by TR 2.) "The Fattening of Marian Merideth" by Wilson Barber 1.) "The Stepdad" by Lisa--one of the first weight-gain stories I ever read, and probably one of the least PC stories of all-time. Nevertheless, it had a profound effect on me, and...
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    Favorite words

    I hear what you're saying, but they have their uses. Obviously "fat" has a bluntness that hits like a hammer, but I think zaftig and Rubenesque are appropriate in stories--especially if someone is skirting the issue and wants to be more tactful. "Beth, have you noticed Stephanie's getting...
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    Favorite words

    "Jiggle" is a good one. I like words that have movement to them. Sometimes I even make them up :). "Poofed" is one I've used recently (i.e., Fat poofed between the buttons of her overtaxed shirt.) "Oozed" is another. The bluntness of the word "fat" can certainly be effective, but I also...
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    looking for another stepfather story..

    Delight: I re-wrote/expanded that story about 5 or 6 years ago. Not sure where the original can be found now-a-days, or even who the original author was, but if you're interested in reading my take, you can find it in my archive over at the Forever Changing site. (You'll need to register.)...
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