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    I know this thread has been idle for years, but I haven't been. I've consolidated my stories and have been posting all of my newest artwork here: if anyone is interested. :blush:
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    First World Problem

    I'm probably the only one who has an issue however slight with this, but is there a way to flag a story in the discard room as adopted? I poke around in there a lot and more than once I've gotten an idea for one of them only to find out at the bottom that it has been adopted and locked. I...
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    Legally Fat - by Matt L.- (~BBW, Eating, Romance. ~MWG )

    Great story, I totally enjoyed it!
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    A story I am thinking of working on.

    Sounds good to me Coop. Longer than I could handle writing, but I'd definitely read it.
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    Too Trashy?

    I have an idea for a new story abut a girl who is smuggled in to a fraternity after she blows through her tuition money and doesn't want to return home to face her parents wrath. Basically she cleans the frat house for board and sleeps with the frat boys for food...a LOT of of course...
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    What comes first? Plot or characters?

    Everyone's processes are very interesting. I am no stranger to the discard room, I often get inspiration from a character or a situation and then as anyone who has read my version of those stories knows I illustrate and expand on the characters. I give them lives, history, hobbies, and...
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    Plot or Gain?

    I love that!
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    Plot or Gain?

    This is why you write so well. Everything BBD said, because I couldn't say it better!
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    Head to Toe

    Bravo! Sweet story, wonderful written, very likeable characters, this one's a home run all around, thank you!
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    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    beautiful as always! Good to 'see' you again!
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    Britney - by Gainingdane (~BBW, Eating, Denial, ~SWG)

    I really like this so far! Looking forward to more-
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    The Hotel New Orleans - by Casso (SSBBW/SSBHM, Immobility, , Heavy Sex, ~XXWG )

    Hey Coop- I needed something to move the story in my head a bit so I went with the time jump. I've been wondering where to go next, perhaps a little background on their year would be a good idea. I'll think about that. Thanks-
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    The Hotel New Orleans - by Casso (SSBBW/SSBHM, Immobility, , Heavy Sex, ~XXWG )

    ALYSSA- Part Eight Alyssa felt the morning sun warming on her face as she sat on a large new padded bench on her balcony facing the pool. She leaned forward and laid her head on her soft arms resting on the railing. There were a few people milling about the pool area. Kerry was at a...
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    Blame Picasso's Extended Absence

    LOL Thanks Tarquin, I appreciate your enthusiasm. It's shaping up to be a longer chapter than the last few. I am hoping to post it by tomorrow! BP
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    Blame Picasso's Extended Absence

    Hello my friends. It's been a while, and I'm happy to report I will be returning shortly. I've been tapping away at a new chapter of the Hotel New Orleans and I've adopted 'Ashley's Addictions' from the discard forum. I'm going to try and wait until I complete Ashley before I post it, but the...
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    The Hotel New Orleans - by Casso (SSBBW/SSBHM, Immobility, , Heavy Sex, ~XXWG )

    Sorry I have been away a long time. I am doing well, I appreciate the concern. I had a bumpy stretch but I have emerged stronger and wiser. It's been over a year since I've posted anything, but I'm happy to say I just wrote several paragraphs of a new chapter to this story. I know I've said...
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