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  1. AmyJo1976

    Show me your pets. This is nacho with the eyes and this pistachio with her carrots

    Our newest family member Kaizer. He's a German Shephard, 8 months old.
  2. AmyJo1976

    The Introduction Thread Part 2

    Hi kivrin. I'm from KY also :) I hope you enjoy the forums!
  3. AmyJo1976

    Fat Discrimination 😡

    There has to be more to that story than what we are seeing. There always is.
  4. AmyJo1976

    A stupid game.

    I needed a stripper because I'm a pimp!
  5. AmyJo1976


    Congratulations Maize! All the best wishes in your transition! :)
  6. AmyJo1976

    Is She a Feeder

    Agreed, likely a feeder! He is really cute! 😍
  7. AmyJo1976

    How is everyone handling the heat?

    Lucky you! :p
  8. AmyJo1976

    How is everyone handling the heat?

    A/C is a lifesaver! 🥵
  9. AmyJo1976

    Come on in Ladies and introduce your selves!

    Welcome Isabel :) There is plenty of good convo and stories here that I'm sure you would be interested in!
  10. AmyJo1976

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    Love it! I've been pondering going with bangs again as well! :)
  11. AmyJo1976

    FA/FFA Who was Your First Plus-Sized Crush?

    He was really sexy! 😍 😍 And sill is!