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  1. CaptianNegro

    Have you ever......?

    Have you ever had one of those days where you thought it'd just be easier to be thin?
  2. CaptianNegro

    Im New Here and I have a ?

    Hi, my name is Warren a.k.a. CaptianNegro! I would like to thank Conrad and the entire Dimensions community. I have gained a large amount of self assurance thanks to these boards! This a great place and I intend to make a home out of it. :) My question is about relationships: Do highschool...
  3. CaptianNegro

    Coming "Out".

    On T.V, in magazines and in many other public venues more and more homosexuals are coming out of the closet. The same media forums welcome this with opening arms but I can't help but wonder what if I followed suit but in a very different fashion. What if I came out and said that I love larger...