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    Supporting somebody with depression?

    I'm not sure if this is entirely the correct place for this, but I couldn't think of a better one, so I shall press on regardless! My significant other has just been put on antidepressants, caused primarily by stress at work. This in itself has made him more miserable because, it transpired...
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    Fat sex with a non-FA

    So...I've recently started dating a guy who I am VERY enthusiastic about. It's early days, and I don't want to jinx it, but so far it's been rather, well, perfect. He's really into me, this I do understand/believe, but while he's dated chubby-ish girls before, I'm pretty...very...sure I'm his...
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    Good people of Dims, please help (gift ideas)!

    For the past 20 months, I have worked for a small data company, in the marketing department - which consisted of me, the marketing mgr (my boss)and a telemarketer. A few months ago a Director of Marketing was appointed and I have just found out that, due to a restructuring of the dept, my boss...
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    How out are you?!

    Just curious to know how open everyone is about their sexuality. Quite a few of my friends know I'm bi, but I only started coming out about a year ago. I haven't told my family because there's been no reason to. Who I'm dating is none of their business! Now I'm living at home again...
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    Sugar Boots

    These boots were mentioned in a thread on here a while ago. I was just wondering if anyone bought any? I am tempted, as my boots have recently died (RIP!) and I can't get my legs in most boots, so I like the fact that these lace up. But do they actually stay tied up? I can imagine I'm going...
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    Moulin Rougesque skirts - help!

    I'm going on a Moulin Rouge themed fancy dress night on 20th December. Got corset, got feathers, got fishnets already but I haven't got a skirt. Help! I want one in black (preferably) that's midcalf length - this is the problem! Have found loads of tiny bustle things on ebay but I don't want...
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    Fairtrade clothes

    I realise that, unfortunately, this is probably quite a long shot, but was wondering if anyone knows of any plus size fairtrade clothing companies? Whilst I'm a student, I've been all about the cheap clothes, and I know I probably won't be able to resist the lure of them altogether (or afford...
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    Your favourite photos

    It's nice looking at photos people have taken in the other threads, so I thought I'd start a photography thread (apologies if there's one already, I did have a quick look). So, go ahead and post your favourite pictures....artsy ones, self portraits, holiday snaps, your pets....whatever. I...
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    How d'ya take ya coffee?

    Clue's in the title! Know it's not strictly food, but I'm a caffeine fiend and just wondered about everyone's favourite "cwaffee" variations. I'm boring, take mine black without sugar. Quite partial to an iced coffee in the summer (specifically a starbuck's light caramel frappucino), but only...
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    Clothes shopping in the USA

    I live in the UK but am planning a trip to visit my sister & some friends in USA (specifically NYC, Nagodoches & San Francisco!). I'm hella excited (even though I'm not going til October!) because I've never been to the States before. I love clothes, and shopping, so I was wondering what size...