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  1. Surlysomething

    Happy Thanksgiving USA!

    Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! Have some pie for me! (and stuffing)
  2. Surlysomething

    Happy Birthday, Renton Bob!

    Hope you're having a fantastic day!
  3. Surlysomething

    A letter to the man calling me fat sitting three feet from me: Rachel’s story

    I love this. Beautiful woman with a beautiful soul...
  4. Surlysomething

    Penningtons - Melissa McCarthy launch

    Penningtons launched Melissa McCarthy's line, Seven7, today online. I love all of it. A little pricey, but they look like pretty classic, quality pieces. I wish the picture they showed of her and all the models had them wearing the clothes shown on the site and not items that they're not...
  5. Surlysomething

    Summer 2015

    Summer's more than half over already. Have any of you done anything exciting? I can't do a lot these days (recreationally) so I live vicariously through the people around me. Haha I bought a new car recently so driving in the gorgeous weather has been a blast. Now that I have some outside...
  6. Surlysomething

    Rebel Wilson teams up with Torrid

    So stoked about this (even though we don't have Torrid's in Canada) I think Rebel is the coolest broad and a great representative for plus sized women.
  7. Surlysomething

    May is MS Month

    Join the fight to end MS!
  8. Surlysomething

    ESPN suspends Britt McHenry: 'Emotions [got] the best of me

    People are so awful. Her last line is always the go-to. Horrifying person. But she's not feeling super awesome about herself now. Have fun not being able to afford your weekly mani/pedi for awhile.
  9. Surlysomething

    Caring about size

    Just a nice little positive read for your Thursday. :happy:
  10. Surlysomething

    Old Navy sale

    Old Navy is having a big sale. Can't beat cheap pj's or tshirts! Canada USA :bounce::D
  11. Surlysomething

    Old Navy - Sale

    Hey! Old Navy is having a big sale and i've attached their 'Big" section for you boys. You can't beat a marked down tshirt, right? ;)
  12. Surlysomething

    Happy New Year! 2015!

    2014, adios! Have a great one, peeps! Have fun, keep your pants on until you get home. Call for a ride. Let's do this!
  13. Surlysomething

    Merry Christmas BHM/FFA Board Peeps!

    Hope you guys have an awesome Christmas and an even better New Year! Cheers!
  14. Surlysomething

    What Men Really Think About Your Body

    I think this article is amazing. Women take it very much to heart because we're not perfect. Not like the models or actresses or whatever. This is a good reminder that men aren't nearly as focused on perfection as you think they are.
  15. Surlysomething

    The *%$#@ Off Fairy

    This fairy visited me early in life. Yes, yes it did. ;) Fat Shaming
  16. Surlysomething

    Wait Watchers

    I think this project really captures how a lot of fat people are treated when they're just out living their lives. People suck. I'm a very head strong, independent, outspoken woman and if I catch people staring at me they get a stare down right back or a "what the #@*$ are you looking at"...
  17. Surlysomething

    Plus Sized Couples talk - Addition Elle

    Addition Elle is a plus sized chain in Canada and they came out with these cute Youtube videos with a bunch of different couples called #meetmylove for a contest about love. Episode 1 Episode 2 A link to their page where they also have cool videos with beautiful plus women and ad campaigns for...
  18. Surlysomething

    It's About Time We Represent All Women on the Catwalk"

    When plus-size model Denise Bidot shot a campaign for Forever 21 last year, she didn't think it would lead to a job opening a New York Fashion Week runway show. But she did just that Thursday for Chromat, designed by Becca McCharen. It's not much, but people are slowly getting on board.
  19. Surlysomething

    You Can't Unsee These Disney Characters Behaving Badly (NSFW)

    I loooooove the chubby Snow White so much. But apparently being chubby is a bad thing. I think she looks beautiful that way.
  20. Surlysomething

    What's screwed up about America's body image

    Something most of us here already recognize but mind blowing none the less. "what the fashion industry is calling plus size"