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  1. butch

    what do you like best about fat community

    Hiya, it has been a while, but glad to check in and see how things are. Even though I haven't been here, I have still been part of fat community, and am grateful for that community, as scattered as it can often be. What I like best about fat community is the generosity. I have never been...
  2. butch

    Time to Fight Back

    I'm so excited to be part of our community right now. We have an opportunity to get our voices heard and to push back against a seemingly unstoppable social stigma that gets ample time to be heard in the mainstream media and the public arena. How many times have we complained about how nobody...
  3. butch

    "s*@# thin girls say"

    I'm not gonna lie, I think this internet meme would be improved with a fat girl take on "S*@# (fill-in-the-blank) girls say" Pay-site girls, I bet you could do this up right.
  4. butch

    Transgender Day of Remembrance

    This Sunday, November 20th is Trans Day of Remembrance, with events held all over the world to mark the occassion. Below is a link that provides information on where to find a TDOR observation near you:
  5. butch

    Trans Rights Bill close to passing today in Massachusetts

    As some of you know, my partner lives in MA, and has been working for years to get civil rights legislation passed in Massachusetts for transgender people. After 6 years, the legislation has finally moved out of committee and into the state house for a vote. Last night, the House voted for the...
  6. butch

    Fat Travel Blog

    Thinking about some of the things that have popped up here lately, I was wondering if anyone maintains a blog just on fat and travel? Like, travel narratives of contributors from around the globe, talking about accessibility and things of that nature, or of interactions with locals, and so...
  7. butch

    pizza delivery fee-what is the story?

    so, I just ordered a pizza from a national pizza chain, and their website notes that the 2.00 delivery fee they charge is not a tip for the driver-well then, what is it for (I've also seen language that says the delivery fee does not go to the driver at other pizza places)? I remember back when...
  8. butch

    "Fat Shame" author on "The Colbert Report" tonight, Wed. May 4

    yep, watch it, let us know what you thought. From what I hear, Colbert is very friendly to our perspective.
  9. butch

    Kelligrl: The Conference Presentation-your input

    In a month, I'll be presenting a paper at a conference with the title "Kelligrl, the myth, the legend." Any suggestions on how I should put this together? Particular webpages, images, ideas about what she represents, what her role is in the SA/FA world, and what role her dissaperance has in...
  10. butch

    body powder-do you use? what do you use?

    I am thinking about adding a body powder to my daily grooming rituals, and wanted to know if others use body powders, and what do you use? I've just read in a couple of the recommended threads here in the health forum about creams and powders that folks use for rashes, under folds, and so on...
  11. butch

    Gay Marriage close to passing in Maryland

    According to the Washington Post, looks like Maryland will be the next state to pass a law allowing gay marriage. This would be the first state south of the Mason-Dixon line to allow gay marriage, but then again, Maryland isn't what you would consider a true southern state...
  12. butch

    The Funny Things Thin People Think...

    This may be a very bad idea, but I hope I explain my intent properly. I had this thought on the bus yesterday, when it was really crowded: "Isn't that sweet? That thin person thought there should actually be a lot of room for her to sit down on the bus." The bus was full of people, full...
  13. butch

    Custom made sunglasses?

    Hi all, I have a pair of reading glasses from the late 80's that I would like to turn into sunglasses. Anyone have ideas/suggestions about how to go about this, and the possible cost? Thanks so much!
  14. butch

    2011: what will it hold for you? for us (LGBTQ folks)?

    Hi all, Wondering what you all are thinking about the New Year, and what you hope, want, need, expect to see in the New Year? I don't believe in resolutions, so I'm not making any, but I do expect 2011 to be a wonderful year for me, personally. I am also very hopeful that the work being...
  15. butch

    New Year ReVolutions-a great activism opportunity

    For those of you not aware, today marks the beginning of a great online activism campaign for Health at Every Size and fat acceptance, under the heading of New Year's ReVolutions. If you are curious about it, check out the website about this activism at
  16. butch

    Emotions and bodily disconnect

    So, I'm pretty close to my three-year anniversary in therapy. It has been incredibly useful for me, and I am very satisfied with the course it has taken. Recently, I had a profound 'a-ha!' moment, and wondered if others could relate. So, here's the story: I saw a video of my partner that I...
  17. butch

    "It Gets Better" for fat kids

    So, I'm running late, getting ready for work, and as I brush my teeth, I'm thinking of Dan Savage's "It Gets Better" youtube video project, where GLTBQ people post videos telling GLBTQ youth that it will get better, to help prevent suicide. I was debating whether I would want to particpate...
  18. butch

    My four year and 5 month anniversary

    Well, I got to wondering how long I've been participating on these boards, and it turns out I registered in March of 2006. Sometimes it is really hard to believe I've been in this community for over 4 years. I used to be much more prolific in the past, and while I don't know if I miss all...
  19. butch

    Confused about why everyone says all fat people get diabetes?

    Seriously, I read this all the time, and the statistics just don't back it up (as well as my own health record). How do people come to believe this when it isn't even close to being true? If you believe this to be true, then why? Why doesn't the statisitcal information back this up? I'm...
  20. butch

    MA HB 1850: Hearing on Height/Weight Discrimination Bill this Wednesday 1.27

    Check out some great information on the GLBTQ Forum on how you can support size acceptance in Massachusetts: