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    A possible story idea.

    There is this idea I've had in my head for a week or so, and I can't shake it. Now I'm not sure if this has been done and it probably has because it's such an obvious weight gain based premise, but if it hasn't I may have to write it at some point. Basically the story would center around a...
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    Target at 8pm on a Thursday - great for FAs/FFAs - who knew?

    I was at Target tonight because I gots to have a soft pretzel on the reg. Anyway, I was walking around Rick Ross'n it up and I couldn't help but notice many bbws and ssbbws were in the store. They were shopping and walking through isles with no problems and I thought damn where has Target at 8pm...
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    What You Can Learn in College - by None (~BBW, Eating, Romance, ~MWG -)

    ~BBW, Eating, Romance, ~MWG - a FA matures in his love of larger women What You Can Learn in College by None (based on the original story by Azorfire) [Author's Note: This is a story I adopted from the discard room, here, and decided to try and develop it a bit more. This will be in...
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    A Kira - by None (~BBW (Multiple), Teen Drama, Romance, Light Sex, ~SWG)

    ~BBW (Multiple), Teen Drama, Romance, Light Sex, ~SWG - Plump Kira takes a job at a fast food joint, while dreams swirl about major unexpected changes in her young life. A Kira by None [Author's Note: A new story, a departure from my last one, but I figured I'd give a more traditional...
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    None's Thread

    Moderator's note: This thread is dedicated to the fans of None. who has designated the following stories as representative of his work. A Kira Heart's Desire The author's stories may be accessed by using the search function, keyword None. We recommend conducting author searches from the...
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    Heart's Desire - Parts 7 - 8 by None (~BBW, Intrigue, Romance)

    ~BBW, Intrigue, Romance - Starsmore commits to a new job, but committing to a relationship proves more difficult. Heart's Desire by None Heart's Desire Parts 5-6 here [Author's Note: Sorry it took so long, but my computer went down and I was unable to finish this part. Also, I've...
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    Heart's Desire, Parts 5-6 - by None (~BBW, Intrigue, Romance)

    [Author's note: Here is the fifth part in my sort of BBW/FA story. Figured I'd continue it for anyone who was intresting in seeing where I was going to take the characters. It is from the perspective of Amanda.] Heart's Desire Parts 5 - 6 (Parts 1-4 here) by None Part 5- Moons...
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    Heart's Desire - by None (~BBW, Intrigue, Romance )

    ~BBW, Intrigue, Romance - a smart broom pusher and his friend gets a special assignment, with a payoff no one anticipated. [AUTHOR'S NOTE: Not really a weight gain story, but deals with BBWs and FAs in the subject matter. Perhaps kind of an odd story to post here, but figured this would be...
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    Figured this would fit best here

    I guess this is something that is worth posting here. As I was listening to the new Boss Hog Barbarians album, I heard a song that I figure might be of some interest. It called "The Weight Debate" it starts out with J-Zone complaining about his girl gaining weight, and then Celph Title starts to...