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  1. mathfa

    Cute FA things

    I remember there being a tumblr page shared awhile ago called cute-feedism-things. Basically it was a place to share the sweeter, gentler side of feedism. That said, most of the posts on there were very fetish-specific. I thought maybe making a general thread here might be a fun idea! Basically...
  2. mathfa

    Tips for going to gym with plus-size partner

    Hello all, As I have mentioned before on here, I am a thin guy in a relationship with a beautiful, larger lady. She asked to start coming with me to the gym together soon, and today made a comment asking me to not be too "hardcore" (trust me, I'm not 😄), and I kind of got the vibe she was a...
  3. mathfa

    F/FA body types

    I'm just curious about what the breakdown looks like here. Feel free to vote regardless of gender, as long as you are a fat admirer. My hunch is that this will look roughly like the general population, maybe a little bit heavier.
  4. mathfa

    Talking to your partner about your preference, a thread

    When I was first beginning my relationship, I was still coming to terms with my preferences, and was worried about how I would talk to my partner about it. I remember scouring the internet in search of ideas, but most everything didn't seem actually applicable to real life. So I wanted to now...
  5. mathfa

    Any baseball fans here?

    The first spring games are only three days away!!! I've been missing watching my hapless Orioles lose :p Anyone else here excited for the new season?
  6. mathfa

    Those who have done both: Which is harder, coming out as F/FA or as non-heterosexual?

    I've always thought it important to educate myself on the challenges other people face. I myself am an FA, but am for all intents and purposes straight (maybe like a 1 on the Kinsey scale, at most), so I only have experience with one side of things. Those of you who are F/FA, and who are not...
  7. mathfa

    I love being an FA

    My girlfriend is big, 5'6" and about 195 when I met her and maybe 210 now. And she's always hated her body, and hated that she looks the ways she does. She even struggled with bulimia as a result of her first boyfriend (who was a horrible human being). She's got depression, and sometimes it's...