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    help me for halloween!

    hai hai:) wanted to ask here because americans seems MUCH more creative when it comes to halloween (and other special accations in general). there is going to be dusins of witches, vampyres etc so i want to stear away from any of that. i already have some sort of vision: my ideal look wuld...
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    When you see it, you'll...

    I swear I'm going to make a serious thread soon :rolleyes: Anyway, go ahead and guess what's hiding in the pictures, then post your own shit bricks!
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    Your favorite food knock-offs!

    At my local supermarket you can get a 1lbs bag of assorted 'chocolate fakes'. (twix, snickers, milky way, mars, bounty) for 1/5 the price of the original bars. Tastes good too! I also buy fruit, biscuits and sometimes dairy products as well. Some stuff actually tastes better than the original...
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    The Guild! (with fat character)

    Have anyone watched The Guild on youtube? I'm not a gamer myself, but it's really funny! There's a cute fat girl in the cast (Robin Thorsen). I love the fact that her husband is hawt! (Too bad she's neglecting her family:p) Wish they would stop showing her eating all the time, though. That...
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    The creepy picture/gif-thread (don't like? don't look)

    it's up to you what you think is scary. no unicorns allowed, though. (unless it's something resembling this) ( Post O'hoy!
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    Stomach cramps

    Do you ever get them? What do you do to ease the pain? I've been getting them quite frequently lately and they usually last from everything to 1 up to 10 hours. It's so painful and it bothers me alot. I can't stand up straight when it's at its worst. I wonder if I may be allergic to a certain...
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    I don't have a tattoo...

    and I don't want one. Anyone else? I feel so alone :(
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    You gave a job to the person above, now find a good reason to FIRE him/her!

    Read thread title. :D
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    Have you ever...

    Person nr 1: HAVE YOU EVER been stalked? Person 2 : Yes Have you ever literally pissed yourself laughing? ( only "yes" or "no" answers )
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    Stereotype Game

    Basically stereotype the pic of the person above you. *rubs hands*
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    Slap With Reason

    Slap the above person & tell us why
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    Post pictures of fashion that's ridiculously overpriced

    Torrid is selling this Hello Kitty tiara for $500.00! I love Hello Kitty, but shamone! Next?!
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    Which Horror Killer are You? I'm 75% Freddy Krueger You are Freddy Krueger. You are evil, but enjoy having fun. Sure you made some bad choices in life, causing some parents to attack you, and burn you alive. But hey, you have even more fun now...
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    how much do you care about the previous poster?

    :p from a scale from 1-10...1 being the lowest
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    A lot has happened since I was a kid!

    It's about tiiiime we talk about robot animals and other toys... for children ;) The dog... it's alive :O Baby dinosaur! Life size pony! Post cool vids or/and pics of amazing, strange, new, impressive toys for kids! :bounce:
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    happy belated birthday Freestyle Fez!

    Hope it was fun-fun-fun on June 7th! (Fekk u for not wishing me a happy birthday. You can send the check in the mail:P)
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    'Fat Ass' Yearbook Comment

    so, i don't really post fat-hating related stuff, but this was too hard to ignore. just... :(
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    i want to hide in a park....

    do you? ;D
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    happy birthday cute ass/maxx awesome

    read thread title.
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    Yours (UK14-32)

    Just a heads up- ships worldwide & the prices are good for your wallet. ;) i've never ordered from them myself, but maybe some UK babes have? (hint, hint)