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  1. LarryTheNoodleGuy

    Best fat comments

    Was being spooned by lovely partner, who said: "I love the way your stomach just goes OUT starting right under your chest." She demonstrated this by running her hand over my chest and then over all the fat on my belly - and her hand kept going out and out and out - and down under it where the...
  2. LarryTheNoodleGuy

    Anticipating health pitfalls

    I am one of those people carrying, according to "weight charts," 76 extra pounds, but who has never had anything like high blood pressure, pre-diabetes or the like. The only thing I can report is occasional breathlessness and some lower back pain over the last two years (I've gained 17 pounds)...
  3. LarryTheNoodleGuy

    Karl Lagerfeld, fat-hating fashion icon, dead at 85

    Hate to speak ill of the dead, but there may have been no more publicly fat-shaming, self-hating bastard than this guy. Despite our society's benefit from his fashion sense - which one wore if one had $2500 to spend on a size 0 dress - here's to relics stepping off planet earth. And I am sorry...
  4. LarryTheNoodleGuy

    Best thing anyone ever said to you about your fat

    *You're like a bear!" Skinny lover, two years ago, who didn't know about BHM/FA things. "You're great to spoon with." "I have a great big spot in my heart for fat little boys who grow up to be fat men." "I like guys that don't feel the need to make every meal a salad."
  5. LarryTheNoodleGuy

    Ladies! You know you're a FFA if-

    This post has been canceled due to overwhelming lack of interest, peace to you all.
  6. LarryTheNoodleGuy

    Pet names?

    We all know plus-sized, chubby or fat folks are subject to a variety of not-fun names or looks or judgment. Behind closed doors, though, we also know that pet names involving a person's size are used and enjoyed by some. My last GF was 314 pounds, and she called herself "Your fat fox" and...
  7. LarryTheNoodleGuy

    The thrill of "your highest weight"

    There it is - the moment of truth. You step on the scale and see a number you never thought you'd reach - it's almost as if it belongs to someone else. How do you feel? Answer below. :)