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  1. Jack Secret

    Changes to the Library Boards

    I don't really care too much for adult content very often, but I would like access to it. Every now and then it's enjoyable. Count me in!
  2. Jack Secret

    Explain your screen name

    It was the pet name of Geddy Lee's keyboard technician from the band Rush. I just thought it sounded cool for an ambiguous screen name.
  3. Jack Secret

    "I Love Those Guys that Love Bellies" appreciation thread

    I feel the same way. I just don't get the attraction that some women have to large men. Then again, there are plenty of people that think just the opposite… They can't imagine what men see in plus size women. To each their own I guess, but I would never ever live as a plus-sized man.
  4. Jack Secret

    Do you like being fat? And if so why or why not?

    I really good friend of mine who is 45 (and would barely be considered plump) just had a gastric bypass JUST to get her diabetes under control. It had gotten so bad that the doctor is the one that recommended she have the bypass. Typically, somebody that young and barely considered full figured...
  5. Jack Secret

    Airlines might weigh passengers

    … Suppossedly out of concerns for safety. I guess I can understand the concept. Any thoughts either way on these ideas?
  6. Jack Secret

    Weight limits

    I never had a size requirement/limit. I've loved women from 120 pounds to around 450 pounds. I forget specific numbers. Anyway, my last girlfriend was my heaviest. I loved her little details. It was never about a weight. I'm a pear lover more than anything… Large bellies, thighs, and hips. No...
  7. Jack Secret

    What Are You Listening To? Redux

    now that's a great one!
  8. Jack Secret

    Your First Internet BBW

    Probably Kelligrrl... There was also a woman that I got to know from a Yahoo group unrelated to BBW named Robbiegrl. Kelly was my first "celeb" crush even though she wasn't a celebrity. I clearly wasn't alone. Way back in the day every guy in the community I knew just drooled over that woman...
  9. Jack Secret

    The Thread For Long-Time Members To Check In...

    I was a regular here from the late 90s until around 2008 or so. Had a spinal cord injury in 2007, so that pretty much turned my life kind of upside down. Since then not much as been going on. Of all things, I miss work! I would do anything to be able to work again. Anyhow, just kind of pulled...
  10. Jack Secret

    RIP SoVerySoft

    That's really terrible. I probably chatted with her on and off for many years. She was fairly young wasn't she?
  11. Jack Secret

    The Thread For Long-Time Members To Check In...

    Good heavens… I probably haven't visited the site in five years or more! I missed the old Dimensions. More cool conversations and less hawking of pay porn. Not that I have anything against porn, mind you!
  12. Jack Secret

    I Am Struggling With Depression

    Care to share what kind of treatments helped you? I'm one of those people that are looking for help and tried everything from counseling to medication… For decades. Never really found anything that helped.
  13. Jack Secret

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    You look astonishingly gorgeous!
  14. Jack Secret

    High # of dims people?

    It's terrible that the relationship didn't work out for you. He sounded like a really quality guy.
  15. Jack Secret

    What's most important?

    Someone who is inspiring to me. Where something about her makes me want to be better than who I am. That make any sense?
  16. Jack Secret

    A Fat-Positive Burlesque Film

    Thanks so much for putting that together and sharing it with everyone. I really enjoyed it! Fancy is a real pistol!
  17. Jack Secret

    Co-worker BBW / BHM envy?

    I've been there. I met "Dawn" through school where we were studying together. I thought she was just gorgeous… Then she invited me over to spend time with her and her husband. Serious bummer, but we turned into really good really good friends. She was always such a professional and sharp as a...
  18. Jack Secret

    Olivia Jensen Through The Years - a compilation video

    From the shoulders down she looks so much like an old girlfriend of mine. I've lived an awesome life :) Totally gorgeous woman!
  19. Jack Secret

    I Am Struggling With Depression

    I tried all of those except for Citalopram. I've done Wellbutrin, Paxil,… I'm sure there are 10 others before those. I've also taken a few medications that were also for peripheral neuropathy that are also supposed to be good for depression. No dice…None of these of ever helped. Currently I'm...
  20. Jack Secret

    Do thick girls make skinny guys uncomfortable because they're thicker than they are?

    Man, I had never felt anything close to that before. I'm skinny… I mean, almost freakishly so! Being with a large woman made me feel no more or less masculine.