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  1. Jack Secret

    Airlines might weigh passengers

    … Suppossedly out of concerns for safety. I guess I can understand the concept. Any thoughts either way on these ideas?
  2. Jack Secret


    Nine years ago I was injured and became a quadriplegic (more or less). It never occurred to me to ask if anyone else was in the same boat. Anyone here living as a quad/paraplegic or other mobility issues of the like? I figured I would try to network within the Dims community
  3. Jack Secret

    When you and your Partner decided that sex with you was boring…

    I was going to put this under one of the fat Sex categories, But this topic is going to affect anybody no matter what their size. Before my sex life was more or less cut out from under me everything seemed okay In the sex department. I didn't notice any blaring issue until a sudden problem with...
  4. Jack Secret

    File transfer speeds on your home network

    I know it's a weird question, but something's been bothering me.I've been trying to figure out why it takes more than five minutes to transfer a 7 GB file from my laptop to my Netgear NAS. Can anyone post their relative speeds for, say, a 2 GB & 4 GB File sizes? I'm using a wired connection as...
  5. Jack Secret

    Barbie Edwards

    I was unaware of this woman before, but she showed up in a search I ran recently. It's said that she had some of the largest hips… Ever. Anyone remember this woman? Does she have a website somewhere out there?
  6. Jack Secret

    the quasi-mainstream just might be coming around

    I thought this was a great article that expressed a number of things that we already understand In the fat/FA community. I think that we have a number of things to thank when it comes to mainstream acceptance… The fact that "fat" has become a much more Applicable term to the majority of people...
  7. Jack Secret

    Unbelievably sexist ads used in the past…

    I have my doubts about some of these being real, but they still made me laugh and shake my head. And I take Beg to differ when they say "this is no shape for woman"...
  8. Jack Secret

    I can officially post in this board now…

    this birthday has been the only bad birthday of my life! First birthday without my mom, still a quadriplegic and otherwise trying to figure out the world. This too shall pass :)
  9. Jack Secret

    does anyone here collect coins?

    I have a few items I wanted someone to take a look at and give me their opinion. Anyone interested? Craig
  10. Jack Secret

    the Warren Haynes band… Alecia Chakour

    I was checking out Palladia this morning. I noticed Warren Haynes was playing so I thought I would give a look. I spend the entire time virtually drooling over his backup singer. One great voice… And just plain hot. No, make that shit-hot! Take one look/listen. That girl's got skills! Well...
  11. Jack Secret

    a critical Personality analysis - let me know what you think

    I really don't know where to post this. It's completely off-topic for this site, but I have a few questions on psychology. This is as close a place to post it as I could find. I am finally having an "ordered" visitation with my now nine-year-old son this Saturday. All of this is a very long...
  12. Jack Secret

    panic attacks. Anyone have similar experiences?

    for the past month I find myself going through what I consider to be a panic attack. My mind Suddenly and rapidly starts filling up with feelings of dread and doom. It's not one thing in particular that sets me off… I really don't understand all of this. Anyone share their experiences and what...
  13. Jack Secret BLACKLISTED

    Google has flagged the site for malware stuff… Say it ain't so:eek::eek:
  14. Jack Secret

    What ever happened to Bodacious Magazine?

    For a while there bodacious was a big deal with a lot of support and goings on. What's the story on that?
  15. Jack Secret

    How come I don't see these cars at my Walmart?

    Oh hell yes! If you can read the attached photo, please visit thisPage.
  16. Jack Secret

    Found a really great video blog

    You can find it here. She talked about a lot of important things to remember when dating a fat partner. She also touched a lot on fat attraction versus fat fetish. A little over 30 min. of good quality opinions, questions and etiquette. Check her out!
  17. Jack Secret

    The dangers of fat acceptance

    You know that the fat acceptance movement truly is gaining traction when doctors start crowing about how evil and dangerous it is. Be proud people… Be very, very proud :):):):):)
  18. Jack Secret

    Layla Lashell

    I read something today that said she had passed. Is there any truth to this?
  19. Jack Secret

    The most likely illness that fat people might suffer from.

    I was in a discussion with a Facebook friend about health issues with fat people. A lot of folks would point to problems like diabetes or the usual misconceptions. My thought was that if there is any illness that would affect fat people, perhaps more than other ailments, would be mental...
  20. Jack Secret

    The plus-sized MRI… I hope this isn't old news