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    The Obvious/Oblivious Thread - Part 1

    has had her account for almost a year
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    My fellow video game nerds, whatcha been playing? Part 1

    Sorry to hear that, my parents used to be like that when we were closer. Ah, didnt think I'd see anyone who played FFXI in here, I used to play on PS2... was gonna get back into it when I got a PS3 actually, do you still play it ?
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    My fellow video game nerds, whatcha been playing? Part 1

    Been on my bro's 360- - Oblivion - Enchanted Arms - Mass Effect - Lost Odyssey - Saint's Row - Call of Duty 4 - Tenchu Z - Kengo: Legend of the 9 For the most part, Im done with Enchanted Arms and Oblivion, Enchanted Arms was "ehhh" and Oblivion was great, haven't really gotten into...
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    The morning show! Size Acceptance bloggers Vs Roth & Doctor

    Rachel and Mo were great and knew their stuff - Roth's been in enough of these 'discussions' and should have more experience than she seemed to have had (she actually got cut off by Rachel I believe a few times, and sounded like she was going in circles. ) I have nothing really to say about the...
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    Something I made

    12 days older than ya. This is great, something I'd want to put in my wallet to flash like a badge ( like I do my Driver's License :rolleyes: )
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    the most asonine commercial on TV today.

    Must have seen that commercial over 20 times already, kind of made me cringe seeing as they were all pretty.
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    Heart disease deaths plummet ahead of 2010 goal

    what a surprise.
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    NON Anonymous Crush Thread-Fess Up People :p

    No particular order: Sasha :wubu: :D Supersoup ActivistFatGirl :smitten: :blush: Babyjeep Rowan :bow: Kenzie ;) :smitten: Big Beautiful Me Ashley :blush:
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    Is High School always so bad for fat people? It always seems that way on TV

    In forgot I was fat while I attended school, between fifth grade to twelfth. It was around fifth grade that I began to get big, and it wasn't the kids at school that had problems with it, it was my parents. For a lot of children, the home is suppose to be a haven after coming home from school...
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    My fellow video game nerds, whatcha been playing? Part 1

    Nothing at the moment (sold my PS2 and half of the games with it :( ) but whenever my bro comes home halo 3 , and until I start working next week.... I'm going to be without anything of my own to play for a while.
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    LIPMIXGIRL'S OFFICIAL HEAD COUNT!!!!! have i met you?!?!

    woops! (don't mind this post)
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    Anti Gym.

    Obviously he's a person with a negative perspective on things, however to do something like this, I came to two conclusions. 1. He truly believes the biased perspective he has on both the overweight, and woman, and just somehow managed to get the tools needed to spread his ideals. Or 2...
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    Is Fat the new step in evolution?

    This is what I believe as well, that higher, strenuous levels of physical activity is no longer a requirement as much as it was many years ago. Doctors and such in their studies don't seem to bring this up much however.... I find it inevitable that larger people would be more common as...
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    Name a song from the last letter, part III

    Love is All - Yanni L
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    Happy Birthday Curvy Em!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday !
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    Name a song from the last letter, part III

    Orukosu - Takayuki Hattori U
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    Dims Crushes

    ehh I've been crushing on the same people for a long while, :blush: don't really know about roping them in but at least become friends to start somewhere.
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    Change A Letter

    Care - Rare
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    i'm sad :(

    Sorry to hear about this event, don't let it get you down one bit though. Your bf is lucky to have you
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    Dims Crushes

    ^^^ truth ^^^ for me.... ::coughs:Sasha,babyjeep,ActivistFG,supersoup,Kenzie ::coughs:::wubu: