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  1. Shotha

    Fat and Happy Moments

    I keep a diary of all of the special little moments, which make me feel happy about being fat. It contains such things as my press in gaining, little changes that tell me I'm getting fatter and amusing little anecdotes. I have a folder for such events on my computer called, Fat and Happy...
  2. Shotha

    Cute BHM Odds and Ends

    I have created this thread for cute BHM odds and ends that don't seem to fit easily into other characters, because I found a Youtube video clip of some cute fat guys doing some rather unusual Greek dancing. Here's the clip:
  3. Shotha

    Sensitive terminology

    I'm curious to know what terminology fat people and their admirers consider to be sensitive terminology these days. I live in New Zealand, where such issues have passed us by. I remember seeing TV shows a couple of years ago, which suggested that fat Americans preferred the word fat...