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  1. JamieStarrHot4U

    Looking California Love?

    I know all songs in the new wave genre...I just do
  2. JamieStarrHot4U

    Looking California Love?

    Love Janes, ...Great Bands listed...91X is my jam from South Ska, Reggae too...Maybe you will reply...Im not concerned or committed anything...Imcool
  3. JamieStarrHot4U

    Comment by 'JamieStarrHot4U' in media 'D6EF2F2A-CB2A-4EAC-BF8F-60D5DA761E7D.jpeg'

    Thats HOT...FUNSIZE TOO. A weekend with you and some major erotic experiences are nonstop.
  4. JamieStarrHot4U

    Looking California Love?

    Your an attractive Lady I'm located in OC too...In skeptical about this online scenario
  5. JamieStarrHot4U

    Attractions can be immediate. I'm in Southern California

    Attractions can be immediate. I'm in Southern California
  6. JamieStarrHot4U

    San Pedro Fish Market

    Looking great in The South Bay...😊 I am a foodie of course it's is a cultural things...if you are open to a intro I have a good feeling that we can be at least friends. 949 431 5001 its a burner number I can screen with...hmu and further details will ensue. Best. I'm in OC...JS
  7. JamieStarrHot4U

    Looking SS/BBW Playmate

    Attractive African American HOTBULL is seeking a Sexy SS/BBW for amazing multiple orgasmic erotic experiences a light, fun, occasional intimate NSA passion just HOT sex in abundance with toys, oral, squirting and creaming extended ecstasy...and cuddling and conversation I'm in Orange County, CA...