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  1. Renaissance Woman

    Suicide is painless?

    How bad is suicide, really? That's what I want to find out. If a friend/loved one has tried it or succeeded, I want to hear from you. How did you react at the time? How are you now that some time has passed? Is there any part of you that is at least happy they're not suffering anymore? If...
  2. Renaissance Woman

    Any BBWs have this fantasy?

    Does anybody else have a fantasy where they're dead and lying in their own shit and getting their fat rolls fucked by some guy using chocolate syrup as lube? Please remember this is only a fantasy and I've never actually died in real life.
  3. Renaissance Woman

    Mixed messages from While giving lip service to praising female curves, the accompanying picture of a pig in heels tells another story. And the women they claim are fat? Uh, not so much.
  4. Renaissance Woman

    Changing body types and relationships

    It's been stated by a bunch of people on here that our physical preferences are hardwired. Fat, skinny, or somewhere in-between, we find a particular body type, or limited range of body types, physically attractive and others not so much. When one gets into a relationship at first, the...
  5. Renaissance Woman

    Penn & Teller on Obesity

    Heads up & FYI for those with Showtime: Penn & Teller: Bullshit! 3/22 10-10:30 Eastern Obesity Education. (2007) An obesity conference exposes the relationships between the medical establishment, diet companies and the weight-loss industry; discrimination. I've got the DVR set and...
  6. Renaissance Woman

    FA Sightings

    After one too many BBW Sightings threads, it's time for the other side. We went to dinner at Olive Garden tonight. Our male server was friendly enough, and at first I chalked it up to his wanting a good tip. I started to wonder if it was more than that when he brought out extra salad...
  7. Renaissance Woman

    Bod4God So...being fat is not conducive to being a good Christian, according to this pastor. Words fail me. :blink:
  8. Renaissance Woman

    Strutt Your Stuff for Dimensions - Valentines Edition

    Everyone seemed to be waiting for someone else to start the thread, so I've taken some initiative. ********************************** Hm, I'm hungry, but what to eat? I know, this big box of Valentine's candy! ********************************** There's much more from this set, but I don't...
  9. Renaissance Woman

    Dimensions a sex site?

    So I was sitting in the Phoenix airport, where I was happy to discover they had free wireless access. Aha, I thought, I shall take this opportunity to peruse the Dimensions boards. However, when I innocently tried to hit the site, I was greeted with this: So...either somebody somewhere is...
  10. Renaissance Woman

    Hypocritical behavior

    I'm currently visiting my brother for the holiday. He took me over to have dinner with friends of his this evening. During the conversation, one guy was teased about having had "a bunch of big girls sitting on [his] lap and flirting with him" during some boat trip they took. The guy didn't say...
  11. Renaissance Woman

    Myspace Video

    No idea who this is, but I thought of you, my beloved Dimensions FAs, and knew you would appreciate it.
  12. Renaissance Woman

    Happy Birthday ActivistFatGirl!

    Let's see--you already got laid. Um, here's hoping that you'll have a more romantic location for the next time! :p
  13. Renaissance Woman

    Strut Your Stuff for a Day Day December 5!

    Oh, the Clubhouse Board. It's where all the cool kids hang out. And we don't just hang out, we post pictures. And not just any pictures. Sexy pictures. Sexaay pictures. Sexaay ASS pictures, or other interesting body parts. But not just everybody can get in. Oh, no. Only members who...
  14. Renaissance Woman

    Start your own rumor!

    Inspired by Carrie's non-presence, I have started the following thread. This should definitely be a NON-TRUE JOKE rumor that is obvious to all that it's a joke, lest any feelings get hurt. Initially, I'll steer it towards what Carrie & Ben are doing. ****** I heard that Carrie & Ben have...
  15. Renaissance Woman

    More fat-bashing movie "fun"

    Just saw an ad for this: Eddie Murphy plays several roles, including the fat wife/girlfriend (unclear from the ad) who is, of course, every negative stereotype you can think of. Yay, another two-hour fat joke. :(
  16. Renaissance Woman

    What would you want to see about SA in an intro psych course?

    I'll be teaching intro psychology this fall to ~175-200 students. I'm starting to think about what I'd like to change and/or update from when I taught it last year. I was thinking about the body image section when I realized I've got an incredible resource here. What would you like to...