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  1. runningman

    Here we go again....

    About 4-5 months back I posted on here that I'd had an offer accepted for a house and Charlotte and I were getting ready to move in. Then I was made redundant just before it went through and it all went down the tubes. After a couple of low months out of work I am now back in work and have...
  2. runningman

    Bad day

    Sometimes life just kicks you in the doodaas. Everybody knows life isn't fair and somedays I guess its just your turn. I recently had an offer accepted for a house. It would be my first house. My girlfriend and I were/are planning to move in together. So the mortgage had all been arranged...
  3. runningman

    Happy birthday Dee

    You're looking so good for 40. :p Must be the clean air up there in Canada. Just kidding. Have a great day. xoxoxox
  4. runningman

    College dilemma

    I have a friend that has a college dilemma. She is also a member of DIMs and is an SSBBW. She is about to start a music industry-related class. Orientation is next week and she has already moved all her stuff up to her new apartment ready. However, she has now discovered that the college...
  5. runningman


    Found these. Wanted to share...... :D
  6. runningman

    BBWs in Bands

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but I was watching MTV2 this morning and saw a band called 'The Gossip' who I'd heard of but had never actually seen. They're just starting to be considered a very cool underground indie band in the UK. Anyway the lead singer is a BBW. And...
  7. runningman

    Unknown story

    I wonder if anyone can help me. I'm sure I read a story from the old story board some time ago and have never been able to find it since. I don't remember the author or title and all I can remember about the story is that it followed a girl through from a relatively young age, leaving home...
  8. runningman


    I'm not sure if this is the right place to be posting this question but I'm a technical genius in front of a computer (NOT!) and was just wondering if it's easy to set up an avatar. Everybody else on here seems to have one! I think I've tried before but pics I have on my pc are too big...