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  1. Flutterby68

    Got a job... BUT the bad news is....

    I got hired today for a new job that sounds great. But the bad news is, I don't have any business/dress clothes that fit. I also have no money. They have a dress code (no tshirts, no jeans, etc. - standard business wear). I'm REALLY worried about this. I posted on freecycle, so I hope...
  2. Flutterby68

    Good quality cookware

    I would LOVE to get some really good quality cookware. Of course, I can't actually AFFORD it, but if money were no object - what would you recommend?
  3. Flutterby68

    Maintaining friendships

    Do you ladies find that as you became larger, maintaining friendships got to be more difficult? if so, do you think it was because YOU were embarrassed/uncomfortable about your weight so you avoided the friends, or do you think the friends were embarrassed/uncomfortable being around you? Or...
  4. Flutterby68

    Rambling confusion .. sorry, long

    I know I haven't been here long, but I've lurked for a while, read a lot, posted some. And I'm even more confused now than when I first came here. On a friend’s recommendation, I visited and joined here, because it is specifically for the promotion of fat acceptance. After all, all people...
  5. Flutterby68

    Hygiene Issues

    I don't have any trouble with washing and keeping clean, although some days are more troublesome due to back pain. I still manage okay. At 275 pounds, I figure that if I weighed much more than that, I may have difficulty. But since I haven't had a problem with it, I can't really relate very...
  6. Flutterby68

    Make up - What do you use?

    1. Do you wear makeup? why or why not? 2. What brand(s)/product(s) do you use? 3. What is your skin type? 4. What is your FAVORITE product? 5. What is a makeup product you hate? 6. What do you look for in your makeup products?
  7. Flutterby68


    Do you ladies ever resent the fact that some people have the metabolism to eat whatever they want and not gain an once, where if YOU even SMELL the same thing they ate you gain 15 lbs? at least, that's how it seems.
  8. Flutterby68

    Nude Modeling and its effect on my own self image

    In 2002, I became a nude model. A friend of mine was doing something called "the Mask Project" where he took nude photos in certain poses, all of women .... all different shapes, sizes, colors, ages. He had us slick our hair back and put on various masks so nobody could tell who each photo was...
  9. Flutterby68

    What Do YOU Do To Feel Pretty?

    What do you ladies do to feel pretty in a society that says women over a certain size CAN'T be pretty? I don't wear makeup very often, but I do try to wear jewelry unless I'm doing housework or something. Since I make my own jewelry, I always have something nice to wear if I want to...
  10. Flutterby68


    I'm currently job hunting. I have impeccable credentials, a very well put together resume, excellent references and a solid work history. If skill tests (typing, etc.) are required, I ace them. I got a call to go into a law firm in early August for an interview. I wore my chocolate brown...
  11. Flutterby68

    Costume ideas for big women

    I'm 5'9" and about 275 lbs, which is a size 22 for the most part. I go to local science fiction/fantasy conventions and costuming is a big part of those things. I'd LOVE to be able to create a steampunk costume, but finding the right items in my size is very difficult! One persona I've come...