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  1. JoeBananas

    Folks whose desires are firmly tied into FA-ness, have you had crushes on slim folks?

    Yes. "Hold me closer, tiny dancer." And female bodybuilders. SIGH
  2. JoeBananas

    About The Erotica Thread?

    opt in, please! :cool:
  3. JoeBananas

    Hypothetical: How fat would you get if it was only for 24 hours?

    I would also like to be 6'2, 190 pounds, 31 years old, handsome as a movie star and built like a steam truck for a day walking the streets, going into clubs and knowing what it's like to have women look at me and not look away for a day.
  4. JoeBananas

    Hypothetical: How fat would you get if it was only for 24 hours?

    I think I would also like to have someone next to me for the 24 hours who was also around 400 pounds. Would love to roll around with an attractive female, and over 400 is definitely attractive in my book!
  5. JoeBananas

    Hypothetical: How fat would you get if it was only for 24 hours?

    I'd like to change gender, be about 5 feet tall and weigh about 400 pounds, and have a hot guy who loves obese women just jump on me and have his way while I stuffed cupcakes into my mouth. I'd like to stay in bed and eat all day. I'd like my stomach to be down around my knees and my boobs just...
  6. JoeBananas

    Undecided about gaining weight

    If this thread wasn't started by a young man who fantasizes about gaining weight but is being ignored and thus pretends to be a woman because women rule all boards pertaining to BBW and SSBBW, I'll be a monkey's uncle. No offense!
  7. JoeBananas

    Undecided about gaining weight

    see below
  8. JoeBananas

    Comment by 'JoeBananas' in media '0122AE27-52F4-46B0-A220-B089E77B0A28.jpeg'

    Very cute, sexy, lovely shape, wow! :)
  9. JoeBananas

    I was told I needed to lose weight.

    Suggest a therapist for your binge eating and purging disorder before it truly fucks you up if it hasn't already. Wishing you great good luck.
  10. JoeBananas

    Weight-Gainer Wife

    5'2 and over 300 = heaven :)
  11. JoeBananas

    Weight-Gainer Wife first GF was 5'0 and plump and I've had a thing for that height ever since. A few years ago I dated someone who was 5'0 on the nose and over 400 pounds. Now THERE was a butterball! She was so adorable, just wanted to smush her constantly, a cuteness overload. :) And talk about a...
  12. JoeBananas

    what happened to all the naafa and bbw events?

    Approach Feabie at your peril, it's mostly a newsfeed of millennials' petty complaints ("I'm so bored" and such) and females with Amazon wish list items you can buy them if you want a return private message.
  13. JoeBananas

    what happened to all the naafa and bbw events?

    Then there are some who have always found the gatherings to be loud and full of people who, aside from being supersized, aren't all that compelling or interesting, may Dog forgive me. So we just do our lives and speak out elsewhere against fat discrimination. We don't need to "belong" to a group.
  14. JoeBananas

    Earliest Experiences

    Got my hair cut at age 13 by a 19-year-old who, when she leaned in, her arm flab hit me in the face several times, unbenownst to her. It was as soft as a pillow, I was mesmerized and I just wanted to take her in my arms. She also smelled delicious, a combination of honeysuckle and, I don't know...
  15. JoeBananas

    Earliest Experiences

    That happened to me, only with Lois from "Family Guy" blowing up.
  16. JoeBananas

    I think my girlfriend gets off on being fat!

    This may sound strange but I have never met a woman of any size who hasn't fantasized about being very, very fat - even a woman who works out 6 days a week and carefully counts calories. Most women - can't speak for all - at some point have pushed a pillow under their shirts and walked around...
  17. JoeBananas

    The Bigger The Better..?

    Depends on the partner, hands down...I've been with teeny-tiny, like 112 pounds, and I have been with over 300 pounds, both explosive and delightful in their different ways. There is delight in being able to roll around with a small partner, flipping this way and that way or upside down with...
  18. JoeBananas

    Earliest Experiences

    10th grade, had a friend up the street from where we lived who was a year older, didn't see her for a long, long time, turned out her family went to Germany for almost a year. Anyway they came back and I was walking by and saw T. in the yard wearing shorts and a sort of frilly top. I will never...