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  1. GabrielRamirez

    Anything going on in NYC?

    The subject sums it up
  2. GabrielRamirez

    Looking A lunch date in Queens?

    I'm going to check out Kyuramen here in Flushing, NYC for some tasty ramen with pork and karaage (fried chicken). Any bbw/ssbbw want to join me? Lunch is on me.
  3. GabrielRamirez

    2021 Renaissance Festival in Tuxedo, NY

    Kids were either terrified or enthralled by my skull mask
  4. GabrielRamirez

    Oh my god.

    What happened to the forum as a whole? I remember it being more livelier. I registered a new account earlier this year when i couldn't remember my previous login info.
  5. GabrielRamirez

    Looking Seeking a bbw or ssbbw in nyc

    Where to begin? So much to put down but don't know where to begin. I am a 45 year old latino (NEVER latinx) male. Cat lover, pretty good cook, I work in social media marketing, currently I am studying VR/AR to pursue a new career path. I am college educated. I like video games, reading, I am...