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  1. LeoGibson

    The Divorce/LTR Breakup Thread

    Ok. So I’m currently separated and heading down the road to become divorced. I wanted to open this thread up to others and sharing their experiences as I’ve never broken up with anyone in a Long-Term Relationship (LTR for short) or marriage before. What are some things you learned? Or wish you...
  2. LeoGibson

    Happy Birthday Rellis10

    Happy Birthday!
  3. LeoGibson

    Happy Birthday lucca23v2

    Happy Birthday!
  4. LeoGibson

    Happy Birthday Fat Hiker

    Happy Birthday!
  5. LeoGibson

    Happy Birthday RentonBob!

    Happy Birthday fella!
  6. LeoGibson

    Happy Birthday x0emnem0x

    Happy Birthday!
  7. LeoGibson

    Alone Time Fantasies

    We all have them for the most part. I noticed that mine can shift. It's not always the same thing that gets me going. I'm all over the board as to what turns me on from day to day. Sometimes it's super feminine women sometimes some a bit masculine looking. At times it's all BBW and SSBBW all the...
  8. LeoGibson

    Happy Birthday Mr. Sensible

    Happy Birthday! Cheers to it being a good one.
  9. LeoGibson

    Happy Birthday Surlysomething

    Happy Birthday T! Hope it's an enjoyable one and your co-workers aren't too annoying today. Cheers!
  10. LeoGibson

    Happy Birthday Amaranthine

    Here's to having a very happy birthday!
  11. LeoGibson

    Happy Birthday Surlysomething

    Have a very happy birthday!
  12. LeoGibson

    Faith/Spirituality Thread

    Tad I apologize in advance if this one goes off the rails. I'm sincerely hoping it doesn't, but well, I recall something about the best laid plans of mice and men, so with that in mind here goes nothing. At the prompting of fat9276 about there being a need for a thread of this nature where...
  13. LeoGibson

    Your top 3

    My idea is borne out from one of those drinking or toking scenarios you get into with your buds about naming your personal top 3 in any category. I don't see a lot of structure going on with this. You can always put up a new top 3 category with every post if you like or answer someone's existing...
  14. LeoGibson


    After doing a quick search, I determined that the few threads on this subject were all around 5 years old, so i figured what the hell, instead of reviving one from the dead I'd start a new one since there are several posters on those threads that aren't around these days and several new folks...
  15. LeoGibson

    If You Could Do Anything

    So, I'm sitting here drinking good whiskey and listening to Sinatra and ruminating about life, and I came up with this thought. What would I do with my life if I could wiggle my nose or wave a magic wand or whatever. The premise is just as I stated in the title, but what I'm wondering is, "What...
  16. LeoGibson

    Happy Birthday Surlysomething!

    Here's wishing you a very happy birthday. Hope you have a great day!
  17. LeoGibson

    Happy Birthday MrBob

    Happy Birthday MrBob! Rock on sir!
  18. LeoGibson


    Here's my rant of the week. Grown assed folks pissing and moaning about TV shows being spoiled for them. Look, if a TV show is on on Tuesday, watch it on Tuesday or be prepared to have it spoiled. All this DVR, netflix, waiting and buying a box set is your own choice so quit freaking whining if...
  19. LeoGibson

    BHM's Got Talent

    This is a bit of a takeoff on the whole America's Got Talent, Britain's Got Talent shows and the like. I also figured a clearinghouse type area for videos and sound recordings of people singing or reading spoken word or poetry readings Also youtube videos of performances welcome as well...
  20. LeoGibson

    Drunk Stories

    I was sitting here thinking about all the comical and just plain stupid things I have done while drunk over the years, and decided what the hell, I'd like to hear what other stupid comical things other's have done while drunk. If you're not a drinker feel free to include your pot stories if you...