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    +800 Pound Vanilla from is on Jan. 2020 "My 600 lb Life"

    Vanilla" is an ultra-sized 6'2" tall fat model who put out the kind of show that super FA "bigger the better" guys loved. After about two years and a 200-pound weight gain her FA show looks like it will end. In January 2020, she will be on "My 600 Pound Life". She is the first person you see...
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    SSBBWs welcome only in R rated media

    As a SSBBW fan, I thought I was alone until I was 14 and went into a 42nd street 18 and over magazine & video shop. I was shocked to find magazines & videos featuring + 500 pound ultra beauties calling them Goddesses. In the mainstream media publications most of the models were size 2 and under...
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    Opt in issues

    I think the Social Justice Warriors have taken over and ended Dimensions. They have made the most popular forums "Private" and made it impossible to get on them I tried 2 times to "OPT-IN" and it rejected me because I didn't invite others or have a message to their liking. Making the most...
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    Ultra Sized Health Improvements with Technology

    SSBBWs are the way they are and all the attempts to change them have met with failure. Their numbers are dramatically increasing, now I am looking forward to a breakthrough in ultra sized mobility thanks to the robotic exoskeletons and better scooters that allow mobility without the damage to...
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    The Super Sized Sexualizers

    At 8:30 pm on Wednesday 9 / 4 2013 - 205 people were on the pay sight weight forum and 166 people were on all 15 of the other Dimension forums put together, so out of a total 371 people visiting all 16 forums, 55.3% of the people were on the pay sight discussion forum. I think that proves...