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    Different pictures from different places - post yours

    Let me begin: few pics from my trip to US begining this year Sierra Nevada mountains on road leaving Death Valley California - leaving Sequoia Ntl Park San Diego New York
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    Meeting in the bar vs. Internet dating

    I was reading "Ok fat admirers...." thread started by CuteyChubb which was actually very interesting and I came across that internet is all different than real life - well that's not really all truth imho. Lots of people were bashing the internet way of dating but hey... it also has some pros...
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    Dressing up... don't be scared of casual clothes.

    Maybe it should be posted in Fashion forum but it's kinda general topic. I was wondering lately what's my favourite outfit for girl. I have to admit that I love when girls/ladies are wearing business clothings, bbws/ssbbws look great in it... same to night time clubbing type clothing very sexy...
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    Long Distance Relationships... some thoughts

    I was just thinking about my life today morning and I noticed that one of my most important relationships were over seas one. So I relized that it could be nice to share my thoughts with you folks and see what others are thinking of it. So... when I got internet good few years ago (I mean...
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    Personal adds - sites, dms etc.

    I remember when DMS was introduced it was decent matching system but now let's face the truth - it's not good anymore. Not many people even look there. I know that there are plenty of other pages for personals but dims are still dims. I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only person who would be...
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    When you became an FA..

    I read "Your first belly rub" tread and I started to wonder what was the first fat-related sexual experience for me... and probably experience that made me an FA I'm now. I remeber being 17 or around I met first big girl in my life. It was new years day and we met on party organized by one of my...
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    I think this video is just lovely! Title is very misleading... but video is great. Girls are great ;) I really like the way they are shown in the video... I mean nice sexy outfits and great pictures... What it reminds me is just better version of satisfaction by Benny Benassi...why...
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    Any BBW/SSBBW from Ireland here?

    I'm 23 yo FA living currently in Ireland and I'm very curious if there are any BBW/SSBBWs from Ireland reading this forum. I hope there are :)
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    Poll:European folks - where do you live?

    I guess there are pretty few of us in all different countries in Europe, so where in Europe do you live?
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    FA - what turns you on in BBW/SSBBW?

    For me: -cute dimples when she is smiling -cute dimples everywhere :) -way she is walking, slowly, proudly -when bigger girl smiles she is doing with with her whole body and for me becuse of it big girls smile is more genuine -always fun to hug - big & fluffy -big girl tend to do things...
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    Why am I an FA ?

    Why I am an FA? I guess most of us FA think of it time to time. How come that we prefer big beautiful ladies instead of skinny ones which is so called "political correct" ? Well... I realized that I prefer bigger girls when guys start to find girls attractive. At the begining I like girls...