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  1. Sonic Purity

    Funny Pictures, Cartoons, and Memes Thread

    Not vouching for the caption (don’t want to edit the pic), but it is a really good decoration.
  2. Sonic Purity

    What Are You Happy About Today? Part 3

    I am happy that last Friday i was able to solve the following heating duct work puzzle: This “gift” was left by plumbers working under my mother’s house (house in which i grew up), about 2 years ago. Apparently they figured that it was OK to destroy a functioning heating system and not put...
  3. Sonic Purity

    Funny Pictures, Cartoons, and Memes Thread

    Showed this one to my mother (i’m visiting and fixing things). Her response: “I’m with him” [Joker].
  4. Sonic Purity


    UNofficial response, from a fellow member: No. Also, there’s a relatively short time frame for edits, whose duration depends upon whether you’re a free member or paid up. Contacting a friendly, helpful site moderator and politely asking for a deletion seems to be how it works. The only DIY thing...
  5. Sonic Purity

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    Tri-tone hair color time: From the back: Let’s have a fling:
  6. Sonic Purity

    what happened to everything?

    Hello and Welcome to Dimensions. Opt-ins are a manual process, handled by site moderators. The only way i know to opt-in is to find a thread such as this one for some blocked functionality, then post publicly in the thread (like i’m doing now and you did when you asked) requesting for an opt-in...
  7. Sonic Purity


    Head on over to this thread and request to be opted in via posting there. Once a Dimensions administrator had time, you (and others waiting) should have access. (Note: there may need to be a separate opt-in request for seeing some models’ pictures in other forum sections, if that matters to...
  8. Sonic Purity

    Elderly Brown Bear Takes Home ‘Fattest Bear’ Title

    From Snopes: Elderly Brown Bear Takes Home ‘Fattest Bear’ Title “The portly patriarch of paunch persevered to pulverize the Baron of Beardonkadonk in the final match of #FatBearWeek 2021.”
  9. Sonic Purity

    Terminal cancer, how do I help?

    I went through this with my father. I had the luxury of being able to basically move back into the family home in which i’d grown up, with him and my mother, for what turned out to be the last approximately 7 months of his life. It may be different for you as a friend rather than immediate...
  10. Sonic Purity

    I just want to know how

    Me, straight: Humor (attempt): Straight: As someone who wanted to no longer be alive after over a month with a piece of plastic going all the way in through the tip into my bladder (Foley “walking” catheter, end of July through early September 2019), i know from direct personal experience...
  11. Sonic Purity

    I just want to know how

    What makes anyone think he had any of those readily available? I’m under the impression that there are people who do not have postage stamps nor envelopes, and may have to go to Instructables or Wikihow etc. to learn how to mail a letter. Or, maybe he didn’t like the result of the outside...
  12. Sonic Purity

    The Ponderous Woman online comics

    Good! Shrug it off entirely. You are remastering in the full sense of the word. For decades, the 1961 pop hit song Runaway by Del Shannon was plagued with the audio distortion known as “flutter”—every version, from the original Big Top Records single through every oldies compilation. Somehow...
  13. Sonic Purity

    The Divorce/LTR Breakup Thread

    Yyyyyeeep. Especially if either or both (or all) involved are blindsided. Very Best Healing Wishes to you, Jack, and anyone else going through this. Delighted that you’re still here, posting.
  14. Sonic Purity

    Crushes on Teachers

    Good gracious! Lucky you, @Rojodi! This thread is making me realize how profoundly influenced i was by one of my teachers. I had two SSBBW teachers, K-12: one of the very best, and the worst. Mrs. Johnson, 1st. grade (mid 1960s) To help with visualization, let’s start with a photo of Mary See...
  15. Sonic Purity

    New story: Dating Dilemmas

    Belated thanks @Colonial Warrior. Still not entirely back. Currently working my way through saved daily new post emails from Dims dating back to mid-December.
  16. Sonic Purity

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    Ignoring what it’s supposed to mean/be, that’s actually a nice hat. Rod Stewart’s calling from the ’70s: he says “You wear it well!”.
  17. Sonic Purity

    Squeezablysoft's Sweetly Spicy and Scrumptiously Saucy She Shed

    Yeah no, i don’t think so with the “simple steps”. I’ve been dealing with depression for many decades, through all kinds of major life changes and trying many things. Pharma pills work for some people, but they didn’t for me. Various flavors of psychotherapy (mostly decades ago) helped...
  18. Sonic Purity

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    Jackpot photo!
  19. Sonic Purity

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    Nice hair curls!
  20. Sonic Purity

    Funny Pictures, Cartoons, and Memes Thread

    Humor from The New Yorker's Daily Shouts How to Turn Off Location Tracking By Claire Friedman July 22, 2021 Google executives were dismayed over a most inconvenient discovery: When they made it simpler to halt digital location tracking, far too many customers did so. According to recently...