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  1. Mr. Jigglesworth

    BBW The County Fair [Feeding, Stuffing, Struggle]

    I would love to make them for you.
  2. Mr. Jigglesworth

    I'm a baker and my bakery list of cake donuts is 154 different flavors instead of the normal 5...

    I'm a baker and my bakery list of cake donuts is 154 different flavors instead of the normal 5 flavors😋😉
  3. Mr. Jigglesworth

    BHM Uncaged Desire (BHM - XWG, Fantasy)

    Sorry, but if i can't pronounce the names/ some words, I'm not reading it. Reading should be relaxing not a struggle.
  4. Mr. Jigglesworth

    BBW The County Fair [Feeding, Stuffing, Struggle]

    Fantastic, only wish there were more fattening dishes/treats for her to try.
  5. Mr. Jigglesworth

    Stacy - by Anonymous (SSBBW, Eating, Romance, ~XWG)

    Yes, I absolutely agree wirh you. The wedding/banquet, the honeymoon ssbbw cruise around the world, the anniversaries and landmark gains to magnanimous portions. Ultra Woman in the FLESH.
  6. Mr. Jigglesworth

    BBW "Potential" by LJ Rock [~BBW,~SSBBW,~Feedism,~Sexuality]

    Flabulous!!! A must read for any fa to read. Especially this one though, it kept going and going and picking up a trend, lmao. Great writing my man.
  7. Mr. Jigglesworth

    BBW The Bake Sale [~SSBBW,~XWG, Stuffing, Public Humiliation, Burps and Hiccups]

    Just read it again, still terrific, wish Wendy and her crush got together and he became her feeder/lover.
  8. Mr. Jigglesworth

    My plump fantasy

    Sorry and a big round booty are always appreciated.
  9. Mr. Jigglesworth

    My plump fantasy

    I agree with everything you said, these features along with big round hips and
  10. Mr. Jigglesworth

    The Corpulent Thunder Thighs! - by Iam Unknown (~BBW, Fantasy)

    I see thunder thighs almost daily walking/waddling in and out of the restaurant I work at, a few of which I know they're names.
  11. Mr. Jigglesworth

    What is your weight right now?

    Getting ready to try a new recipe I thought up. Peanut Butter Overload Cookies- with pb chips and pb M&M's.
  12. Mr. Jigglesworth

    BBW Fat Shaming Gone Awry (BBW, XWG, Reality Change)

    Even better the second read through, thanks aGain for writing and sharing a wonderFULL story.
  13. Mr. Jigglesworth

    BHM Bet On Growth - by WillSpark (~BHM (Multiple), ~~WG, Stuffing)

    I was enjoying this up until it abruptly ended. Finish please.
  14. Mr. Jigglesworth

    BOTH Woodmore Weight Gain - by Fanedfox - (BHM/BBW, Eating Fantasy, Romance, ~MWG)

    I know, i really loved this storyline and concept as well. I just moved to a senior citizen apt. complex nearly 5 months ago. There's no Carol working here, but there IS a sexy ssbbw with incidentally a large belly and hugely wide butt, I've been lucky enough to notice her walking her lil'dog...
  15. Mr. Jigglesworth

    BOTH Managed Care (SSBHM and growing bbw)

    Why do all these great stories with such potential go unfinished. I was seriously looking forward to what happened next😞
  16. Mr. Jigglesworth

    BHM Pancakes - by Rachel (~BHM, Dining, Feederism, ~SWG )

    First time reading this, but i was seriously looking for him to order another platter, before she took over the ordering as his new feeder. Seems like he got off easy this time, but what was in store for him once her arousal and desire to grow his belly bigger kicked in....perhaps rolling him...
  17. Mr. Jigglesworth

    The Naughty Church Lady

    I've had this very fantasty going on in my head while at church since I was 14. Churches were/are always a good place to find bbw & ssbbw Christian women who also weren't the dieting type either from personal experience of course. Oh more than a few I wish I'd pursued😬😳😋
  18. Mr. Jigglesworth

    BBW The Bake Sale [~SSBBW,~XWG, Stuffing, Public Humiliation, Burps and Hiccups]

    Yw and keep writing please, you're talented at this.
  19. Mr. Jigglesworth

    BBW Hannah and Gretel (~XWG)

    I really, Really liked this story alot. In fact I've written my own version of a Grimm fairy tale. It's in the weight room, and it's called "Dough White and the Seven Feeders".