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  1. Frogman

    How systematic are you about your weight gain?

    I am curious to know how many of you active gainers are "systematic" in your approach to getting fatter. In other words, how developed or specific is your plan to gain weight? Do you measure and weigh every X number of days? Do you count calories? Or is it more of a casual sort of thing..?
  2. Frogman


    I am writing this because I'm curious about something. One of my passing weight gain-related fantasies is sadism. I envision myself in a dominant sadistic role; -not so much physically, (though that is certainly a component), but mentally or verbally. In other words saying things like: "You...
  3. Frogman

    Some pics

    Hi there. Here are some pics of me towards my heaviest. I know I'm not that big, but you have to imagine a slender body with a decent six-pack turning into the flabby bastard you see here. Uno Dos Tres Quatro
  4. Frogman

    Anyone know whose midsection this is?

    That's all I have. I'd love to see another picture of her. :wubu:
  5. Frogman

    Ahh, to live in 2 dimensions... I thought this link was pretty neat. It's basically just a series of odd drawings featuring a cute, rubenesque cartoon gal.
  6. Frogman


    Hi there, I just wanted to relate a brief sighting I had a few days before Christmas. I had gone to a party store to get some wrapping paper. I guess I was in the wrong section at the right time, because I couldn't find the kind of wrapping paper I was looking for. Just as I was deciding...