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  1. D_A_Bunny

    Happy Birthday JerseyGirl07093!

    Happy Birthday Lisa! I hope your day is filled with love and laughter. .
  2. D_A_Bunny

    March Iron Foodee POLL

    Sorry for the delay. This poll will only last two days. Please vote for your favorite. Thank you!!
  3. D_A_Bunny

    March Iron Foodee Challenge

    Hello All! For me the month of March is all about two things. Blooming flowers and St. Patrick's Day. Not only am I of Irish descent, but I married my best friend on St. Patrick's Day sixteen years ago. I would like to choose IRISH FOOD as the secret ingredient for this month. I would...
  4. D_A_Bunny

    February Iron Foodee POLL

    Please vote for your favorite recipe using February's secret ingredient - CHOCOLATE. Voting begins today March 1 and will end March 3 and a winner will be announced. Thank you to everyone for participating!
  5. D_A_Bunny

    February Iron Food Challenge

    I checked the list and can't believe this has not already been used. So here it goes folks: Since February 14th is quite famous for giving and recieving chocolate treats, I think the secret ingredient this month will be CHOCOLATE. It can be any type of chocolate, milk, dark, white, combo...
  6. D_A_Bunny

    March Iron Foodee POLL

    Hello all! Thank you for posting some incredible dishes using the special ingredient - beans. Please vote for your favorite recipe so that we can declare a winner.
  7. D_A_Bunny

    March Iron Foodee Challenge

    Hello All! I am very excited about choosing a new item for March. It was a toss up last month between Spinach (one of my favorite foods) and this item. Since we can all use some more fiber in our diets and save a little money, I have chosen this month's food item to be - BEANS! Any...
  8. D_A_Bunny

    February Iron Foodee POLL

    Please vote for your favorite recipe. Thank you to all the participants and voters!
  9. D_A_Bunny

    February Iron Foodee Challenge

    Hello everyone! I am so excited that I get to pick an ingredient for the challenge. I decided that I would choose SPINACH. It is one of my favorite vegetables. It is very versatile and can be eaten, hot or cold, fresh or frozen. And I suppose if you are Popeye, canned. There are many...
  10. D_A_Bunny

    TwentyTen or TwoThousandTen?

    There is yet to be made an "official" declaration of what we should be calling this and the upcoming years. My question is this, if there was a national vote tomorrow, which would you choose? If you have a reason behind your choice and you are inclined to share it, please do.
  11. D_A_Bunny

    Baby, it's cold outside, so whatcha got cooking?

    I know darn well, we in the South are not the only ones freezing right now. But it is much colder here than it usually is, ever. So we have the heat on, but have been cooking more so that we can put the oven on and use some of that heat. I am wondering if anyone else has been cooking more...
  12. D_A_Bunny

    Happy Birthday Heather!!

    Happy Birthday Heather! I hope your day is filled with everything you wished for!
  13. D_A_Bunny

    Happy Birthday Timberwolf!

    Happy 40th Birthday Timberwolf! I hope that you are having a great day with lots of love and laughter!
  14. D_A_Bunny

    Happy Birthday indy500tchr!

    Happy Birthday Katie turtleteacher! I hope you have a spectacular day!
  15. D_A_Bunny

    Happy Birthday ValentineBBW!!

    Happy Birthday Becky!! It is EASY to see how sweet you are and hope that your day is just as beautiful and enchanting!
  16. D_A_Bunny

    Happy Birthday squidge_dumpling!

    Happy Birthday! I hope that you have a fabulous day filled with love, laughter and lots of goodies!! .
  17. D_A_Bunny

    Happy Birthday JerseyGirl07093

    Happy Birthday Lisa! I hope you have a fantastic day filled with love, laughter, and lots of goodies!! Here is a little birthday serenade for you. I hope you like it.
  18. D_A_Bunny

    WEN by Chaz Dean

    Has anyone else tried the product WEN by Chaz Dean? It is a cleansing conditioner. It is NOT a shampoo. You might have seen the infomercial with Melissa the Little House on the Prairie Girl and Finola Huges. Well I have had some hair problems since my surgery two years ago. Six months...
  19. D_A_Bunny

    To all the "Pushing Daisies" fans

    Starting tomorrow night, Saturday, May 30th, for three weeks, ABC will air the final three episodes that they had previously filmed of the now cancelled show. The episodes will air 10PM Eastern. I personally will be very glad to see these wonderful characters again and sad knowing that...
  20. D_A_Bunny

    Happy Birthday Red!

    Happy Birthday Red! I hope you are having some fabulous weather and a tantalizing adventure with lots of treats and goodies!