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  1. Jane

    30% Old Navy, Gap, etc w/ 5% given to Food Banks
  2. Jane

    Avenue Pants Sale

    Work pants $12.00 a pair...
  3. Jane

    Heidi Klum sounds off on Jessica Simpson's new look
  4. Jane

    I Live in a Strange State

    Oklahoma is a young state, stuck right in the middle of the US. It was used as a dumping ground when the Native Americans were forced from the home of their ancestors and marched across the country in the "Trail of Tears." Actually there were many marches, and not just one Trail of Tears...
  5. Jane

    Slate: Did fat genes evolve for cold weather?

    Fat, diabetic, and heart-disease genes may have evolved to survive the cold. Researchers looked for correlations between climate (represented by different populations around the world) and genes related to energy metabolism. Result: They found them. Examples: appetite, sodium retention, blood...
  6. Jane


    I had worn "Just My Size" jeans for years. They have changed fabrics, styles, fit types...everything during this time. They finally went too far, and I didn't like the way any of their jeans fit me. I tried the Avenue jeans, but so many are low rise and I just don't feel comfortable in low...
  7. Jane

    Doctor, Could You Wash Your Hands....

    Dr. Lister...they didn't listen... From the article: At best, hospital staffers wash adequately about half the time, repeated studies show. And some hospitals post hand hygiene rates as low as 20 percent when they start tracking the problem, said...
  8. Jane

    I want to put my foot up someone's arse These guys are sometimes pretty funny, but this poll? Not so much. Would anyone care to "weigh-in" on their poll?
  9. Jane

    Patients taking Chantix should be watched for changes in behavior
  10. Jane

    News in Alzheimer's Treatment

    Drug 'can reverse Alzheimer's symptoms in minutes' Last updated at 23:52pm on 10.01.08 Alzheimer's affects 700,000 Britons A drug used for arthritis can reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer's "in minutes". It appears to tackle one of the main features of the disease - inflammation in the...
  11. Jane

    Denver Schools Send Home "Your Kid is Fat" Notices School sends home obesity notices with students, parent upset written by: Nelson Garcia , Reporter posted by: Dan Boniface , Web Producer created: 10/11/2007 6:15:57 PM Last updated: 10/11/2007 6:55:10 PM DENVER – In an...
  12. Jane

    Ben's Bargains Not specifically about clothes, but Ben's has the most up to date coupons, rebates, freebies and sales to sooth my geeky heart!!!!!! I have saved MUCHO money, when I remember to check it.
  13. Jane

    The Truth Comes Out....(Ominous music here) It's CREDIT CARDS that make you fat.
  14. Jane

    Levi's 550 to 24 On Sale $18.98
  15. Jane

    Girls in the Clubhouse While Guys are in Locker Room

    Those guys take more breaks than those damn kids who take orders at Sonic, and they're always out back smoking. That silly you know he held still for the pinching, and not for the "rubbing it in" that makes it all better. Still, I didn't know how else to give him his shot. Once he...
  16. Jane

    Fantasy Designs to 3XL-Dharma Rose
  17. Jane

    Kitty Mamas

    I need HELP!!! I have found the cutest house. Very well built, foundation good, no settling (built in 1949), lots of storage, big porch on the back for cookouts, nice yard, etc. The price is right in line with my hopes (my monthly rent check will make the house payment plus tax and...
  18. Jane

    House Fans
  19. Jane

    Chocolate Rules to be Relaxed?
  20. Jane

    Time Magazine Extensive Article on the Human Brain,9171,1580416,00.html