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  1. ToniTails


    I dunno about any of you, but i dabble in internet dating. While there are some awesome people hiding there, the majority of the messages are idiotic to say the least. I have some pretty funny/weird conversations to share, and I bet you do, too. Post 'em here! I'll start with this one:
  2. ToniTails

    Unattractive Photos...

    Ok enough with the prettiness- how about one of those not-so- pretty moments? post 'em if you dare!!!
  3. ToniTails

    Favorite Cartoons from the 80s and 90s

    List 'em here!!!
  4. ToniTails

    Toni Tail's Fat Art :)

    Welcome to my collection of fat and fat related artwork- you can see more on my website Big Squishy Hugs!!!! xo toni
  5. ToniTails

    Caughtcha Pics

    Have any pics where someone caught ya laughing or surprised or on a bad hair day? This is the place to post 'em
  6. ToniTails

    Post a Pic of a funny animal!

    I don't know about you, but i love cute and/or funny pics of animals, especially kitties--- would love to see your animals, too!
  7. ToniTails

    BBW Poetry

    I'd love to see what all the writers come up with as well as having a place to post my FA poems--- Here's my first submission- How your body rolls A landscape of soft hills Dangerous curves Dew dropped breast Your warm pillow heats my cold cheek How your skin smells The musk of...
  8. ToniTails

    fighting child erotica

    sexual depictions of children exist in legal sites across the web... it's called child erotica, and it falls under "art". everyone knows it is thinly veiled soft core for pedophiles, but there is nothing that can be done about it so far. As a survivor of sexual child abuse, I am steamed by...
  9. ToniTails

    Read First Post Before You Play!

    This game has to go on the honor system- but, hey- it's really no fun without all that honor anyways :P You need to scroll to the last thread and read only the last sentence of that thread. After that, write three sentences to go along that last sentence. Make sure that the third sentence is...
  10. ToniTails

    Apnea Safety

    Hey- does anyone have tips for staying safe, breathing better, without a machine--- my sister wakes up in the night unable to breath/ gasping for air- it is going to be a couple of weeks before her appt and i don't know how long after that before she'll get a machine--- i'd like to see her...
  11. ToniTails

    Fat Nightmares

    Recently, I had one--- I dreamed I was in a small corridor that continuously grew smaller and smaller until the sides touched my hips. I am a bit claustrophobic, so I decided right away to turn the other way. However, the entrance had closed in behind me. There was a light at the end of the...
  12. ToniTails

    How Your Body Rolls

    How your body rolls A landscape of soft hills Dangerous curves Dew dropped breast Your warm pillow heats my cold cheek How your skin smells The musk of flowers and love Sweet scent inhaled Can't get enough of the air you permeate Lying back you are a princess Thunder in your thighs Legs...
  13. ToniTails

    He's Trying to Force me and I f-ing hate crying

    Oh I am soooo pissed right now. I just got home from seeing my psychiatrist. He asked about my weight today, which doesn't bother me a bit. I understand that people, especially doctors can be concerned. However, what he said today felt like discrimination to me. He told me that if I don't lose...
  14. ToniTails

    Hey Paysite Models!!!!

    I am looking for five or ten models who'd like a free pin-up in exchange for me using the picture for promotional purposes--- if you aren't a model, and you are comfy in pin-up mode, feel free to volunteer, too! Here are a few samples;
  15. ToniTails

    Word Game Twist

    You can add OR replace a letter (not both) and rearrange them- the twist is that the new word must somehow relate to the old one. Give it a try! Fatty = Taffy
  16. ToniTails

    Troubled by weight gain

    ...But I love it so much! I enjoy gaining, but as I'm nearing the 400 mark, I notice that certain things are becoming harder for me and really drive me nuts. I've always been active, but lately (after hurting my back) I haven't been able to do the things I love doing without swollen ankle...
  17. ToniTails

    Weird Cartoons

    I was watching Boomerang, which is a great way to waste time in my little opinion... well i caught a weird three stooges cartoon there... not the ones that you can buy for a buck at wally world, folks- This cartoon is called The Robonic Stooges larry moe and curly are robots who fought to save...
  18. ToniTails

    Mad Libbin' Search Engine

    Read the last reply on this thread... it will have a random adjective and noun written go to and select images put the two words in the search box... post the first or coolest (allowed) image that comes up here.. then type in your own adjective and noun beneath your...
  19. ToniTails

    belly flaps and sex

    a man i was chatting with earlier fantasizes that his belly flaps over his crotch, and imagined it would add to his experience sexually... that made me curious... does a hanging belly that covers your crotch change the "feel" of sex for you, guys? does it add to or detract in any way? * i...
  20. ToniTails

    Too Damned Fat

    "You're too DAMNED fat!" It's all he could say. I drove the poor man to using obscenities. "Why is it that you deem me too damned fat? Where's the prob, Doc? I'm healthy." Oh it drives doctors INSANE when I say that! So therefor I say it a lot. "That's right, I don't have any health...