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  1. sugar and spice

    Happy Birthday SMA413!!

    Happy Birthday birthday twin!!! I hope you have a great day with all of your favorite people and get lots of cake and ice cream. :D
  2. sugar and spice

    New show on Lifetime Drop Dead Diva

    I have been seeing the previews for this new show airing soon on Lifetime tv called Drop Dead Diva here is what the premise is supposed to be.... "Drop Dead Diva" is Lifetime's spirited new comedic drama series that puts a uniquely compelling twist on the age-old battle between brains and...
  3. sugar and spice

    Here's something for all the lobster lovers

    I saw this on MSN this afternoon and I immediately thought of you Randi and all the other lobster lovers here.:D PORTLAND, Maine - As record-setting sandwiches go, the planned world's largest lobster roll will be a colossal crustacean creation. A team of culinary whizzes plan to combine 45...
  4. sugar and spice

    Happy Birthday Grandi Floras!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Grandi Floras! I hope you have a wonderful day.:):)
  5. sugar and spice

    Happy Birthday ThikJerseyChik

    I want to wish a Happy Belated Birthday to my best friend and partner in crime and double double stuffed Oreos, ThikJerseyChik!!! I hope you have the best day with lots of goodies and fun because you deserve it Girlie.:wubu::wubu: Fran:):):):):bounce::bounce::bounce:
  6. sugar and spice

    Halloween candy

    With Halloween coming up I was remembering trick or treating as a kid. Which candies were your favorites to get trick or treating and which ones made you hostile? For me I loved any full size candy bar, that was hitting the jackpot.:p I especially loved Resses cups, Mounds and almond Joys and...
  7. sugar and spice

    Happy Birthday Ashlynne

    Happy Birthday Ashlynne! :D
  8. sugar and spice

    national doughnut day!

    I read on MSN that today is national doughnut day! Best of all in honor of doughnut day you apparently you can go to any Krispie Kreme store and get a doughnut, any kind you want, FOR FREE!!!!!!!:eat2::eat2::D I just thought everyone who is a doughnut lover would want to know.
  9. sugar and spice

    Happy Birthday SaucyWench!

    Happy Birthday To You my fellow birthday girl!!!:)
  10. sugar and spice

    Deep Fryers

    I have been thinking of buying a deep fryer. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good one, or anyone have any experiences with bad ones to avoid?I appreciate any input you could give me because I know there are some pros and cons to deep fryers and I don't want to get a bad or difficult one...
  11. sugar and spice

    Easter Baskets

    Did you used to get an Easter basket as a kid? What were your favorite candies or things to get in them and what things did you not like? I always got one and I loved my chocolate bunny I liked solid better than hollow ones, I loved Reeses eggs and malted robin eggs and chocolate coconut...
  12. sugar and spice

    Glucosamine and chondroitin

    Forgive me if this has already been discussed in a previous thread but I have been considering whether or not to start taking glucosamine and chondroitin supplements for my knees. Has anyone had any good results from these or is it all hype? I am allergic to aspirin and Ibuprofin so I really...
  13. sugar and spice

    Girl Scout cookies

    Which Girl Scout cookies are your favorites? How many boxes do you usually order? Do you think they have changed over the years? lets talk cookies.:eat2: My favorites are the Thin Mints and the Samoas (the chocolate, caramel coconut flavor). My husband loves the Tagalongs (peanut butter...
  14. sugar and spice

    Ribs and BBQ

    My sister has been raving to me about a place she just discovered called Famous Dave's Ribs. She is in love with these ribs. She lives in Va. and there are lots of locations near her, I am in OH and the only locations are like an hour from me. So has anyone tried Famous Daves? Is it worth the...
  15. sugar and spice

    AppleBees let down

    My Honey and I got Applebees for our Valentines dinner. I went to their website and had decided I wanted to try one of their combo meals. For one price you get to choose one appetizer, one entree and one dessert. Well I was particularly looking forward to the dessert, it looked sooo good in the...
  16. sugar and spice

    Good Humor Ice cream

    I used to love summer time when the Good Humor Ice cream truck would come to our neighborhood. I can remember hearing the bells or the jingle song when he was on our street and running(as good as a fat girl can run :rolleyes:) to get my money so I could get me some ice cream. My favorites were...
  17. sugar and spice

    Discontinued foods

    Does anyone have a food they used to love that has been discontinued? Here are some of mine: Pizza Hut Priatza, oh man I used to love that, it was a deep dish pizza with lots of toppings with a second crust on top with more sauce and cheese:eat2:, Franco American macaroni and cheese in the can...
  18. sugar and spice

    Favorite school cafeteria lunch

    When I was in school every once in a while I was allowed to buy lunch instead of bringing it from home. I still remember which foods were my favorites, how about you did you have a favorite cafeteria food? Here are my favorites: Peanut butter and honey sandwiches with vegetable soup, pizza...
  19. sugar and spice

    strange food combinations

    I was just remembering today how my younger sister has some weird food combinations or ways she likes to eat certain foods. She loves to eat a steak with a sliced banana, she likes to put French fries on her McDonald's hamburger then squish it flat before she eats it:doh:, and we both like to...
  20. sugar and spice

    Foods that others like but you dont

    Hi everyone, I'm sorry if this is a topic that has been done before, but I am new to the board. I was just wondering if there is anyone else who, like me, have foods that everyone else seems to like but have never tasted good to you. As a very big girl it is amazing that I have so many foods...