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  1. EllorionsDarlingAngel

    I am......

    expecting! Baby is due July 7th. :) I am happy,scared and excited. Just wanted to let everyone know. You guys are such a helping supportive group of people. :)
  2. EllorionsDarlingAngel

    Happy Birthday KnottyOne!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sweetie!! :kiss2::kiss2: Hope you enjoy your day!:bow:
  3. EllorionsDarlingAngel

    Happy Birthday Chimpi!

    Happy Birthday Justin!!! Hope your having a great day! Miss You! Will be calling you soon..:bow:
  4. EllorionsDarlingAngel

    Post Pictures of your eyes...

    So BarbBBW and I were talking and we thought it would be cool to see what everyone's eyes look like. So post pictures of your eyes. We can compare and just see how different everyones eyes are. I will go first... Here are a few different pictures of my eyes. Now lets see yours.
  5. EllorionsDarlingAngel

    hey I was wondering if anyone had any advice...

    I hurt my back a couple of months ago and it has made it hard for me to work outside of the home so.. I am looking for a data entry job working from home. Does anyone know about any companies that are offering that right now?? I have apply to a couple Customer Service Jobs working out of my...
  6. EllorionsDarlingAngel

    Can someone help me?

    I am looking for a data entry job working from home. Does anyone know about any companies that are offering that right now?? NEEDS A JOB LIKE AS IN NOW :D
  7. EllorionsDarlingAngel

    My Neice/Goddaughter Has Arrived...=D

    She was born on Feb 3 at 7:39pm weighing in at 5lbs 5ozs 19 1/2 inches long.Her name is Bella. Name suits her well. She is Beautiful! I can't wait to go up and See Her!!!:D:smitten:
  8. EllorionsDarlingAngel

    Happy Birthday Ramkeg2500!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! We share a birthday!!! Hope it was a good one!
  9. EllorionsDarlingAngel

    Happy Birthday Americandookie!!

    Hey!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! We have the same birthday and we were born in the same year!!! That is way cool!:D:D:D
  10. EllorionsDarlingAngel

    I got Sad News yesterday! =(

    I called my Mom to let her know that we were stocked and ready if anything was to happen when Mr. Tropical Storm Ernesto decided to strenghten. We talked a little and I was boiling eggies for egg salad. She Said " Hunny I am going to tell you something and you need not saying anything to the...
  11. EllorionsDarlingAngel

    A question for everyone.

    Have you ever said or done something funny while making out with your partner?? What did you do and how did they react? Let me know.
  12. EllorionsDarlingAngel


    Is anyone else bored and in a good mood????
  13. EllorionsDarlingAngel

    Me in my Undies

    Tell me what you think??:D
  14. EllorionsDarlingAngel

    I am New here!!!

    Yes if you didn't notice I am Chimpi's Girlfriend! Yep Yep that's me! I am her! LOL Well I have wanted to join for a while just didn't want him to think I was spying on him... Well I am 23 live in Florida with Chimpi! LOL But I am sure you guys new that HUH??? Anyway Just wanted to say hello...