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  1. indy500tchr

    The daily excercise report thread!!

    According to my Fitbit App for today: 14,113 steps 6.41 miles 71 active minutes 3,314 calories burned This included a 30 min. walk on the treadmill, 17 min. on the stationary bike, 30 mins. of weightlifting, cleaning out the garage and running errands.
  2. indy500tchr

    New Year's Resolutions

    Get out and enjoy life more I want to feel better Get pregnant
  3. indy500tchr

    The daily excercise report thread!!

    Back to the gym for the first time in 3.5 weeks after a bad car accident. 1hr. of walking on the treadmill. Got 1.92 miles in. Felt good.
  4. indy500tchr

    The daily excercise report thread!!

    I love my fitbit. Several of my co-workers do weekday and weekend challenges. What is your username? I could add you to my friends list. You can PM it to me if you want. Knowing others can see how much I walk really motivates me.
  5. indy500tchr

    Questions About Eshakti

    I've always customized my order to insure the correct size. They have been on the nose every single time for me. It is so worth it. I know you can return items if they do not fit. It just might take awhile since they are based out of India.
  6. indy500tchr

    The daily excercise report thread!!

    Been walking on the treadmill for 60 mins. a day. Up to about 2.50 miles. I am on day 47 today!
  7. indy500tchr

    Updated Car Search

    I second the KIA Soul. I have a 2011 and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Very roomy for my hips both driving and riding in the passenger seat. Also lots of space in the back too. Just the right height to slide in and out w/out putting pressure on the knees or having to "hike" up into it.
  8. indy500tchr

    Hopes, Wishes & Dreams for 2015

    I want to feel well and have babies :)
  9. indy500tchr

    Has There Ever Been a FA/BBW Couple Pic Thread?

    Got married on Sunday. Our photographers gave us a sneak peek folio at the end of the reception. Here is one of my faves:
  10. indy500tchr

    Dress of your dreams

    I am getting married this December and I am wearing a strapless dress. But I don't have to go outside at all since I am getting dressed at the venue and the ceremony is in the same place as the reception. Here is my dress I got from a plus size bridal boutique. It is designed by Bonny Bridal:
  11. indy500tchr

    Has anyone seen the film, "Disfigured"?

    Kinda like the internet.
  12. indy500tchr

    Discontinued stuff. Grrrr.

    I have several pair of the Women Within jeans but they are much thicker and don't have back pockets...just slits. :( I still cope.
  13. indy500tchr


    I cut those side things out right away. They dig into me as well. I get plenty of support from the underwire I don't need those side thingies.
  14. indy500tchr

    Discontinued stuff. Grrrr.

    three words....Avenue Denim Lites....grrrrr *sniff*
  15. indy500tchr

    Fun with Nails!

    I've always wanted to try gel polish. My nails have finally gotten strong enough to grow. I was so excited that they were able to shape them like when I used to have acrylic nails. They had my fave OPI color-Pompeii Purple in both gel and regular polish (which I got on my tootsies). I hope the...
  16. indy500tchr

    I'm tired of...

    I have 76 of them...they are called teenagers! ;) But I know what you mean. I am not a fan of those people.
  17. indy500tchr

    Butch & Mycroft’s first anniversary!

    Congrats to you two!!!! Your fur baby is very cute!! I love your turtle Easter bags. Turtles are my fave and I can hardly ever find gift bags with them on it.
  18. indy500tchr

    Unanticipated Expenses of Major Weight loss

    You might want to speak with your insurance company about that. If your hospital stay is for something that is considered cosmetic or voluntary that isn't covered by your plan, they will not cover the hospital or doctor bills either. I speak from experience. My friend was in a car accident...
  19. indy500tchr

    Anybody know who this BBW is ?

    Since all fat women knows every other fat women in the world...of course we know who she is!!!! :rolleyes:
  20. indy500tchr

    Clothing/Fashion Confession

    What was the eBay seller you used?