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  1. TearInYourHand

    Super bowl snacks!

    So-- what are you making?? Me-- stuffed mushrooms, nachos, and peanut butter bars!
  2. TearInYourHand

    Adding toppings to frozen pizza

    Hey guys, How do you doctor up a frozen pizza? Lets hear ideas. I love to add fresh spinach, evoo, extra cheese! Sometimes fresh mushrooms as well. And, always a ton of crushed red pepper flakes. What's been your best creation?
  3. TearInYourHand

    Low Glycemic Index

    Hi All! I have some health issues that I have to eat low glycemic index- basically no white stuff (bread, rice), but lots of whole foods, and whole grains. Slowly digesting carbs. Anyone else have to or like to eat this way and have any good recipes or ideas? Tear
  4. TearInYourHand


    Hey guys! So, I am celebrating Passover for the first time this year (thanks to my boyfriend and his family :) ) and if you aren't aware, this means no leavened bread for 8 days! And, a lot of matzah (which thank goodness, I like- especially with cream cheese and tomato...mmm...) So, here's...
  5. TearInYourHand

    Cakes frosted with fondant...

    Hey all! So, I am planning a big party for my sister and we are going to go all out on a cool cake. I'm working with a local baker who is going to let me and my sis have a tasting session (yay!!), but I wanted to ask everyone here....have you ever had a cake iced with fondant and if so, how...
  6. TearInYourHand

    Amazingly delicious grilled cheese

    Hey you all. So, I know I haven't posted in a while. Chalk that up to work, but I have been lurking! Anyways, I felt some inspiration to post because of the awesome grilled cheese I've just eaten! I started with some bakery fresh seeded Jewish rye bread. Delicious in its own right. I...
  7. TearInYourHand

    "That time of the month" cravings :)

    Hey ladies! So, if you are anything like me, you get some intense cravings when you have PMS haha. I personally get some desires for chocolate and salt. Last month, I had a night when I was sprinkling salt on chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream!:eek: So, tell us. What do you crave when...
  8. TearInYourHand

    Matzo brei

    So, I have a lot of leftover matzo, courtesy of my Jewish boyfriend's family. I actually love matzoh, but I usually just eat it spread with peanut butter or cream cheese, which is delish!! I kind of want to try something new, though. SVS's recent post about matzo brittle got me thinking...
  9. TearInYourHand

    Food resolutions for 2009

    OK, I admit that I stole this idea from one of my other fave sites, the forums over at eGullet, but what are your food resolutions for 2009. Anything at all having to do with food. I'll start: -I want to learn to make my own bread at home -I want to try more new restaurants, preferably...
  10. TearInYourHand

    Gift help!!

    So, my younger brother is turning 17 in a few weeks. He's a pretty typical teen guy, into sports (baseball), karate, music, etc. Any ideas on a good present for him? Especially asking all of the guys out there! What would you have thought was cool! I kinda want to be creative and surprise...
  11. TearInYourHand

    How often do you eat fast food?

    So I was just wondering how many of us eat fast food, and how often... Personally, there are only a few types of fast food that I will go out of may way to enjoy, and they are: anything from Taco Bell, McDonalds French Fries with sweet n sour sauce, and occasionally Subway when I forget or...
  12. TearInYourHand

    What did you eat today?

    Just thinking about this.....I absolutely LOVED all of the food I ate today. I think it is interesting to see what people eat in a day, even more so than just for one meal. I sometimes try to balance out my day (like, if I have a dairy heavy breakfast, I'll have fish at dinner, etc....) if...
  13. TearInYourHand

    I'd rather have my own!

    What do you make where you make it best? What's your dish that you'd always choose your own version of over anyone else's....even a restaurant. For me its eggplant parmesean. I take the time to slice the eggplant thin, squeeze the H20 out, bread and fry them in 100% olive oil, and bake...
  14. TearInYourHand

    Do you drink?

    Do you drink alcohol? If so, is it an everyday thing? I'm just asking to get a general feel....I have a glass of red wine most nights with dinner, and I often go out with friends and have a few (okay...sometimes a lot) of drinks on the weekends. One of my friends hates having a glass of wine...
  15. TearInYourHand


    Anyone keep kosher for passover? My boyfriend is Jewish, and he does. I am going to try to do it with him this year (I'm not Jewish but we're together a lot, and I love to cook for him!). I think it will be interesting and broaden my culinary horizon so to speak. So, who keeps kosher for...
  16. TearInYourHand

    Where's the best place to sell my jewelry online?

    So, I got a beautiful gift of Michal Negrin (an Israeli artist) earrings from a family friend. They retail for about $100, and they are unfortunately just not my style. (Chandalier (sp?) earrings, peach, gold, swarovski crystals in a flower pattern..really very pretty and well made)...
  17. TearInYourHand

    I need ideas for fish! Help!

    So, I have a lovely piece of tilapia, bought from Whole Foods, on sale today. I need some suggestions on how to cook it! Please, all of you more experienced (or not!) do you cook fish? Fry? Bake? Broil? Help a girl out! Thanks!
  18. TearInYourHand

    What should I make for dinner tonight? Help!

    So, I am having such indecision about what to make for dinner tonight...I thought that I would ask you all for help. What do you think sounds better... 1. Spaghetti with traditional red sauce (marinara), served with a side of wilted spinach with hot pepper flakes, garlic and evoo. A glass...
  19. TearInYourHand

    Cleaning out the pantry for spring!

    So, like many of you foodies, I have accumulated a bunch of items in my pantry and freezer that I need to use up before spring starts. I love cooking with fresh ingredients during that time, and I have so many grains and frozen stuff that I would hate to see go to waste. I'm usually a once a...
  20. TearInYourHand


    I am hosting my first dinner party in my new place on Saturday, and I have finally settled on the menu (all to be cooked by yours truly!) Appetizers: Brie en croute with dried cranberries Salad: Simple mixed greens with my homemade balsamic vinagrette Entree: Seared sea scallops with...