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  1. Russell Williams

    How many inches is your belly ?

    321 pounds – – 61 inch belly. My biggest was 63 inches at 365 pounds
  2. Russell Williams

    What is your weight right now?

    322 today but Louise is sick again and that tends to kill my appetite
  3. Russell Williams

    What is your weight right now?

    this morning 313
  4. Russell Williams

    What is your highest adult weight?

    My highest was 356 and that was about 4 years ago. I went down to 310 and then up to 345 then down to 310 again and now at 315.
  5. Russell Williams


    That is good to know.
  6. Russell Williams

    update on Louise

    Today at the wound clinic they looked at Louise's wounds. They said that her left foot now has a good blood flow into it, good color has returned to her left foot, and they heal wound is looking better than it did last week. My major worry now is that the blockage will return.
  7. Russell Williams

    Please Help

    I sent a little bit. If I become convinced that this is helping you and your son I can send more.
  8. Russell Williams

    Russell becomes a feeder

    Louise seems to be gaining strength every day. Her medical situation is not good but it is a great deal better then it was. Yesterday she was able to go to a medical appointment, a luncheon and a trivia contest. She was greatly annoyed when she was unable to think of a poker term that was...
  9. Russell Williams

    Russell becomes a feeder

    Yesterday morning Louise was feeling so full of despair that she told the doctor she was ready for the maggot treatment. During the examination many of her worse fears were found to be very unlikely to happen. The situation is still not good but it is manageable and (with luck and/or prayer)...
  10. Russell Williams

    Russell becomes a feeder

    As stated elsewhere on this site, Louise is having serious medical problems. As part of that she is in severe pain. For some of the healing process to proceed more quickly it is important for her to eat regular, well balanced meals. Because of her pain she has been eating very little. One of the...
  11. Russell Williams

    Help with a text to speach program (double post)

    I posted this in a thread about autistic children where I fear it may very well become lost in the information traffic. My hope is that here, in the event that someone happens to wander in and read it, it will be more likely be responded to. My beloved autistic daughter faithfully studies the...
  12. Russell Williams

    Anyone here with special needs family members/friends?

    .My beloved autistic daughter faithfully studies the news on the Internet. Since she cannot read she has been using Windows, a Google search engine, and DragonDictate so that she can find articles of interest which are then, by DragonDictate, reads the information out loud to her...
  13. Russell Williams

    An update on Louise Wolfe

    Louise is back home after the medical procedure. I believe it was called an angioplasty and it was done in her left leg. A clog was found near her left knee and a balloon was used to open up the clog and thereby increase the blood flow to her left leg. Her left foot now feels warm and she has no...
  14. Russell Williams

    Does Anyone Remember This Family? An SSBBW Mom and Her 3 SSBBW Daughters

    I did not read all the posts so it may have been covered. Is there any information on what kind of access these people had to good medical care? Poverty tends to kill people early. See an earlier post of mine.
  15. Russell Williams

    Yay!! I'm Back To My Fattening Ways lol

    it is nice to have helpful friends and relatives. It is better to think about the helpful friends and relatives then to ruminate on the unhelpful friends and relatives.
  16. Russell Williams

    An update on Louise Wolfe

    Louise is back in the hospital. She had a lot of belching and felt a heaviness in her chest these are some of the signs of heart attacks in women(apparently women often have different signs than men do) The latest on Louise. As best Louise understands the situation the hospital staff will be...
  17. Russell Williams

    Yay!! I'm Back To My Fattening Ways lol

    It is sad when nice people like you have bad things happen to them.
  18. Russell Williams

    The bigger she gets

    I heard this song on the radio and then I found it on the internet. I got a woman as big as a house, yes sir Shes as big as a 2 family house with a porch & a fence You wont believe what you see when you look at her Shes enormous, colossal, tremendous, gigantic, immense Why try to deny it...
  19. Russell Williams

    What is your weight right now?

    Louise has been sick and when she is sick I tend to lose weight.
  20. Russell Williams

    BBW modeling made me feel like crap

    I certainly never told my parents of the nature of all of my interactions with my high school girlfriend. When I first started teaching in this very conservative County I hid from people the fact that I've been on the March on Washington in 1963. I try to hide my true birth date from...