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  1. Russell Williams

    update on Louise

    Today at the wound clinic they looked at Louise's wounds. They said that her left foot now has a good blood flow into it, good color has returned to her left foot, and they heal wound is looking better than it did last week. My major worry now is that the blockage will return.
  2. Russell Williams

    Russell becomes a feeder

    As stated elsewhere on this site, Louise is having serious medical problems. As part of that she is in severe pain. For some of the healing process to proceed more quickly it is important for her to eat regular, well balanced meals. Because of her pain she has been eating very little. One of the...
  3. Russell Williams

    Help with a text to speach program (double post)

    I posted this in a thread about autistic children where I fear it may very well become lost in the information traffic. My hope is that here, in the event that someone happens to wander in and read it, it will be more likely be responded to. My beloved autistic daughter faithfully studies the...
  4. Russell Williams

    An update on Louise Wolfe

    Louise is back home after the medical procedure. I believe it was called an angioplasty and it was done in her left leg. A clog was found near her left knee and a balloon was used to open up the clog and thereby increase the blood flow to her left leg. Her left foot now feels warm and she has no...
  5. Russell Williams

    An update on Louise Wolfe

    Louise is back in the hospital. She had a lot of belching and felt a heaviness in her chest these are some of the signs of heart attacks in women(apparently women often have different signs than men do) The latest on Louise. As best Louise understands the situation the hospital staff will be...
  6. Russell Williams

    The bigger she gets

    I heard this song on the radio and then I found it on the internet. I got a woman as big as a house, yes sir Shes as big as a 2 family house with a porch & a fence You wont believe what you see when you look at her Shes enormous, colossal, tremendous, gigantic, immense Why try to deny it...
  7. Russell Williams

    A call telling me that they need to get into my computer to clean it up.

    I just received a call from someone who did not speak Hagerstown English but whom I could understand. He explained to me that he was calling from (I forget the name of the company) and that they had found that they were a lot of problems in my computer and their job was to go into my computer...
  8. Russell Williams

    A new way to prepare an egg

    Adventures in cooking I occasionally like to try new ways of cooking and new recipes. Today for breakfast I took a 1 cup plastic measuring cup and, without breaking the yoke, put an egg into the cup. On top of that I sprinkled about a heaping tablespoon of cooked ground beef. On top of...
  9. Russell Williams

    Louise and I and Lori and a color photograph on the front page of the local paper.

    Louise and I am Lori are in a color photograph on the front page of the local paper. Near the end, Louise is the large one in red, Lori is large one in black, and I am the one behind the high-rise handlebars on the tricycle...
  10. Russell Williams

    unfortunately Louise is once again in the hospital

    Louise is back in the hospital. As best I remember the sequence, she went in last week and was diagnosed with pneumonia. They sent her home with a prescription to get medicine to use in a breathing machine but did not provide her with access to a breathing machine. Friday the breathing machine...
  11. Russell Williams

    Update on the wonderful Louise

    Louise is sick and tired of being sick and tired. She has not been in a nursing home in about 7 months.In January, due to double pneumonia, she did have two nights in the hospital. She is slowly recovering and able to get to church, free poker, and Pourhouse Trivia. Because of the snow...
  12. Russell Williams

    Lose you but.

    Today at church louise and I listened to the minister preach a sermon titled "Lose your but"
  13. Russell Williams

    Do not know where this would best be posted

    Or even if it should be posted. It may be too far off topic. My darling daughter Lori is autistic and sometimes perseverates on certain issues. Since early November she has been fixating on issues around the assassination of Kennedy. She loves to ask, "What if?" questions. Lately she has...
  14. Russell Williams

    Louise is back in the hospital

    Tuesday about 3PM The night of our wedding Louise and I went to a Washington DC NAAFA dance. We then spent the night in a hotel room enjoying each other. Our first anniversary Louise was in a nursing home. Our second anniversary we spent a quiet evening together. Our third anniversary I was...
  15. Russell Williams

    71 years old

    And because of my health situation have become fairly completely unreliable. There many needs in the community and in the past I was able to much more effectively assist ameliorating some of the needs. Now I cannot be counted on to show up anyplace. I try, but the weather, or my assorted body...
  16. Russell Williams

    Many men might consider this the best way to die

    Many Men might consider this the best way to die. I read that Howard Stern had started a contest called, "Get Your Grandpa Laid". The grandson of an 87-year-old man won the contest. The grandfather was given a free ticket to the Bunny Ranch. The grandfather had arranged which of the workers he...
  17. Russell Williams

    Louise and cancer

    Today Louise went to the cancer doctor and he looked at the cancer on her back. He decided that most of the cancer had been removed but not all of it and soon she will have another treatment on about 6 January. Fortunately it is skin cancer and hopefully the second treatment will eliminate all...
  18. Russell Williams

    To all of the many who provided information, thank you, thank you, thank you

    So far, so good in Las Vegas Friday night Louise and her motorized wheelchair safely made it to Las Vegas. At the Las Vegas airport the scooter did not work and the people said they had done nothing to it. Louise pointed out that it worked when it was put on the plane and now it did not work...
  19. Russell Williams

    Please help me help Louise

    Louise is going to spend a week in Las Vegas. She will be attending some sort of an extended poker tournament. She does not want me along because she fears that I will be a party pooper. She is probably correct. She probably does not want me reminding her that if she stays up too late on...
  20. Russell Williams

    Repair of electronic equipment

    Adventures in electronics My combination Blu-ray and Wi-Fi receiver has become more and more erratic in its workings. Finally about two weeks ago I could no longer get anywhere near Netflix. I talked with an electronics friend of mine and he said I probably needed to buy another one. Louise...