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    Post Your Awkward Childhood Photos!

    Hey everyone, I thought it would be funny and cute to see your awkward childhood/teen photos-- so post away! Here's mine: I'm on the right, looking awkward (and skinny). Not to mention the AWFUL "artistic" crap my friend did to this picture.
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    Post a pic of your favorite room in the house!

    I'm always interested what people's homes look like, so I wanted to start a thread on everyone's favorite room, and why. So here are the rules: -Post a picture of the room you like the best/ spend the most time in in your home. -Tell us why. Share a good memory or story of why this is the...
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    Archie Comic Introduces Openly Gay Student

    So cute :) I'm happy they are keeping up with the times!
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    "Daily Weight Checks could combat feared 'Freshman 15' " Reading this article, I couldn't help but think about the negative psychological effects that weighing oneself daily would cause. Any thoughts?
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    Dims Yearbook Superlatives!!!

    Hey everyone, Remember back to your high school days. Remember senior superlatives? I sure do. I also remember that you either had to be a total babe or popular to get one of those..... So for all of us who perhaps dreamt of getting a superlative (I know it isn't just me), here's our chance...
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    Thread killers: hear ye, hear ye!

    Just for fun: I know that I'm always one to kill a long-running good thread. I'm not embarrassed about it either lol... If you are a thread killer like me, sign below... (With my luck, this will be the only post lol- hence the title)
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    Wearing my boyfriend's pj's

    I have always been into wearing my boyfriends bed clothes. There's some sort of comfort/ intimacy/ eroticism behind it. Not only that, but I look super cute in them. I know there has to be someone who agrees with me. So, let's post some pics of us in our significant other's pj's!!