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  1. HDANGEL15

    Dogs with Anxiety......issues

    I doubt I am alone in this....My adopted Pomeranian has *ISSUES* He suffers from medium anxiety, I call it is whining kinda...just him wanting out....he is also a barker and very very protective of ME!!! otherwise a great dane trapped in under 20# body .. I tried the...
  2. HDANGEL15


    I know you all do is my first in a long time intentionally to make a SELFIE.....yes hand knit hat by yours truly
  3. HDANGEL15

    Bar Stool For Accommodating Wide Ass

    I am looking for kitchen bar stools, but none seem to be WIDE ENOUGH for my ASS....anyone have any knowledge or experience with this issue? links or suggestions APPRECIATED
  4. HDANGEL15

    Need ideas.....

    I am going to a party that I am supposed to dress as my favorite App- Mine currently would have to be draw something So all you creative folks- throw me some ideas!!!
  5. HDANGEL15


    This is kinda shocking to me how many lurkers there are on this board for reals!!! Has anyone noticed the amount of reply's vs the # of times a thread has been viewed? I was just looking at the #s and was vastly surprised...
  6. HDANGEL15

    Happy Birthday LeoGibson

    YOU STUD!!! you lady killer, married heart breaker & just too damn purty in a rugged way!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY hoping your dreams come true, one day at a time :smitten: :kiss2:
  7. HDANGEL15

    Happy Birthday (((sasha))))

    SASHA heres to WISHING you a wonderful birthday and lots of prezzies....and that it is joyeous and full of love and laughter and some SUSHI PIZZA TO enjoy xoxo
  8. HDANGEL15


    is anyone addicted to HOMELAND like me............loving this new show!!!!
  9. HDANGEL15

    Going Camping

    I am heading to Watkins Glen this weekend for SUPER BALL IX- a wild weekend of PHISH!!! I am gong solo and tent camping...I usually go with my friends w/pop-ups or RV; hence i can plug in everything..... BUT my phone charger doesn't work with my car turned off... any easy ideas how to use...
  10. HDANGEL15

    Help Please of the techno variety

    I am not that literate w/phones.....and have had a Blackberry Curve for a buncha years. I am ready for upgrade, and am heavy into Apple products, but something tells me 'droids are more versatile etc.....I want to know what fellow bhm/FFA think as in Pros/Cons I posted in The lounge and got...
  11. HDANGEL15

    iPhones vs Androids

    I have had a blackberry for several years and am ready to move on...I have seen the joy of both of these....but the one thing that has me sold on the 'droid is the talk to text app i have seen used to my amazement!!! I am a pretty hard core APPLE FAN....but have heard so much more positive...
  12. HDANGEL15


    I was put through the ringer and it cost me $10s of KKKK for my motorcycle rebuild, this time last year, and took up most of my BRAIN for over a year....but in the end.....I did the right thing, despite everyone's' advice and I didn't screw the motorcycle shop..... well as destiny has it, i...
  13. HDANGEL15

    please helP!!!! LCD / PLASMA / HDTV

    I am lost....i have Sony Wega 46" that the Lamp went out in....and i have 3 tv guys estimates of $275=$280....that' a lot of dough to me... i googled the hell outta this...and found vids of how to replace the lamp..BUT NOT HOW TO ACCESS it :doh: I can't decide to fix it and invest what...
  14. HDANGEL15

    What did you dream last nite?

    I have amazing dreams and love to blog figured a thread would be appropriate; Last nite, I was looking at houses via foot and ran into someone I used to live with and he wanted to tell me about the AIDS epidemic and Heroin usage at a school his gf taught in? I found the perfect...
  15. HDANGEL15

    iPod help please

    okay...i have a 20gb 3-4 yr old iPod and it won't work in my new car, because the software on this version only updates to 1.3....and i need 1.8 version... so....bought a 8gb can't figure how to get my music off of my old iPod onto my iTunes--->new iTouch.... sounds so simple...
  16. HDANGEL15

    MacBook question

    Too lazy to hit up MAC forums this early on a Sunday figured I would throw my problem out to the world here....for any insight. SO MY CUTE FURRBALL loves to get attention from me while i am using my MacBook, and afore mentioned cat knocked 1/4 of my coffee RIGHT ONTO THE KEYBOARD...
  17. HDANGEL15

    Flirting with the idea of *VEGAN*

    I am flirting with the idea, having been reading Alicia Silverstones' new book THE KIND DIET I am rather intrigued about the idea of yummy and tasty food but FEELING GOOD and having more energy. Just curious if anyone in DIMS land is a VEGAN and experiences #1 things to kick are COKE ZERO...
  18. HDANGEL15

    Sweet Potato Recipes

    I was hoping to find a few great ideas for sweet potatoes...I volunteered for please share your faves
  19. HDANGEL15

    Excel Spreadsheets ?

    I know there is someone who would know the answer to this, as this is quite the resourceful / computer literate bunch. I am working on a massive workbook in Excel in the law firm, I am employed. Thursday, I opened another spreadsheet from a different drive, and when I closed that, I lost...
  20. HDANGEL15

    Visiting Vegas

    I saw this program yesterday called *COME TOGETHER* and was about the making of Cirque de Soleils show *LOVE*; which I really really wanna see BAD, especially after they released the remastered BEATLES last week!!!! So I haven't really started planning a trip, with dates or anything, but...