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  1. jason'sgottenfat

    Observation about this community of ours

    I can not help but notice that there seems to be a lot of people in this community that politically,...and with their values,..lean to the liberal left. I have recently come back to this forum. I can't lie. I seem to be the only social conservative here. It is the one thing about these...
  2. jason'sgottenfat

    Are there any FFA's still around on this board?

    I say it is time for an FFA, updated, introduction thread,...
  3. jason'sgottenfat

    For any ladies interested,..

    I haven't participated much here,..but,.. As my screen name implies,...I have gotten fatter,...I am really enjoying my fattening journey,..the food is good after all,..LOL,.. My Yahoo address is [email protected],..I would love to chat, especially with an FFA from WA state,...I am also...
  4. jason'sgottenfat

    A Question For The Ffa's

    I Have A Question, I Am Looking For A Good Woman Myself,....if You Were Interested In A Chubby Guy That Caught Your Eye,....what Would You Do To Seduce Him? What Would You Do With Him? Pudgy Jason
  5. jason'sgottenfat

    new here

    I am new here,.....I am a pudgy guy in search of a pudgy princess. I have gained a lot of weight mysteriously over the last year(I blame the washer and dryer) I wore a 32 waist for years. I recently had to get new jeans recently and SQUEEZED into a 40. I then recalled all of the good food...
  6. jason'sgottenfat

    a wg story about me kind of

    I have been lurking around these boards for a while. I am married, but i am getting divorced. I never look in the mirror but I know that my clothes have been getting tight,......I blamed it on the washer. One day a female friend of mine kind of grabbed me around the middle and I noticed that...