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  1. collared Princess

    Feed Me UK documentary

    There is a Documentary called feed me that will be showing in the UK very soon just wanna let you know that I have a place in a role in it just wanna let you know to be looking out for it
  2. collared Princess

    Sad to announce

    I’m not sure if anyone has posted this but if any one removers Jiggly Jingles or jiggly Bombshell, she passed away last week she will he missed
  3. collared Princess

    Sad to announce

    I’m not sure if anyone has posted this but if any one removers Jiggly Jingles or jiggly Bombshell, she passed away last week she will he missed
  4. collared Princess

    TLC Show

    There is a TL c pilot that is looking for any people 400 plus who have issues like bad knees or back and doctor’s refuse to operate due to your size..they are looking for ppl in NY, NJ or surrounding areas..let me know if you are interested
  5. collared Princess

    A frank discussion

    I’m hoping that I can get everyone’s thoughts and opinions on what I want to say..I have come to the valley of decision in my life.. I have been very large all my life… I have not wanted to lose weight because of some emotional issues that have happened to me in the past and because of being...
  6. collared Princess


    Just was wondering, how many men expected their 400-500 pound wife to clean the house, cook dinner, work full time and take care of kids? Realistically?
  7. collared Princess

    Dimension Babies

    Does anyone have a dimension baby? As in met someone in here and had a baby ? This is Jacqueline..she was born in 2007.. met her father here..
  8. collared Princess


    For those of you in Germany, I will be on a show over there in the next few months..I will keep you posted..
  9. collared Princess

    We got married Donna and Philippe

    I just wanted to let all of our friends know that we , Philippe and myself Donna Simpson, got married July 14th...We had lots of friends here at one time so we wanted you guys to know..
  10. collared Princess


    Just wondering if any body here suffers with fibromyalsia ? I have struggled with it for many years. I'm in pain most of the time and I just hate it. Of coarse I have to hear, maybe when you loose weight it will go away. Not so. Most of my pain is in my neck shoulders and arms. Anyone with the...
  11. collared Princess

    TV show July 6th

    For any friends I may have on here, I just wanted you to know, I will be on the show Happily Never After on ID Discovery Saterday July 6th at 9:00. It is about my close friend Lilius, who was murdered by her boyfriend. The episode is called "The Devil Devotion"..
  12. collared Princess

    Body bombs

    If you read the news today it seems as though the NTSA is going to be looking for larger belly's with possible scar's ... Seems as though the new trend is bombs being implanted in one's body..looks like I'm going to be searched and scanned thoroughly and so are some of you..yipes no bombs here...
  13. collared Princess

    Who do you wish was an FA

    Doesn't hurt a girl/guy to dream For me .. Ralph Fiennes , Steve Martin, Sydney Poitier (in his younger days)
  14. collared Princess

    E Harmony

    I was just wondering if any has ever had an ad or responded to an ad on any of these dating sites? I don't want to spend money if they are only for "society's perfect".. Anyone have any experience with them?
  15. collared Princess

    Plea to fat women

    So it has taken me a while to realize this ..I'm sure this thread may be deleted or for sure met with duhh..but I wish someone would have posted this for me to read a few years ago.. In every community you have good and bad people but I have noticed a strange trend among feeders,squashers ...
  16. collared Princess

    Seat belts

    I was wondering if anyone knows where I can buy a seat belt extender that is like the kind you find on an airline.I don't want an installed type cause I don't know if I will keep the car..any idea's ?
  17. collared Princess

    Anyone getting married soon?

    Lifetime is looking for a bbw/Ssbbw who is getting married.The want to do a show..I'm sure alot of your wedding would be paid for..if you are interested send me a email
  18. collared Princess

    German TV

    There will be a really good series on your show called extra starting Oct 18 th. The host of the show is going to try and gain 20 kilo in 21 days.He came to the USA get some advice from me on gaining..Should be a great show
  19. collared Princess


    Was wondering if anyone suffers with FM here besides me.I saw that one other person mentioned it on the boards. I have constant pain in my arms and shoulders..not to metion fatigue(hence my 5am post) I have trouble sleeping..would love to hear other stories ,know what other people go through...
  20. collared Princess


    I will tell Whoopie that Dim sends her warm regards...