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  1. Jeannie

    Happy Birthday rabbitislove!

    Happy Birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day!
  2. Jeannie

    Feeder/feedee vids

    Looking around for feeder/feedee videos, I keep coming across females feeding themselves, or being fed by another woman. I'm looking for a man feeding a woman. Preferably an already fat woman. I want to be able to see and (hopefully) hear him encouraging her to get fatter for him. It can be xxx...
  3. Jeannie


    Makasumo aka Fat Ol' Maestro - Are you ever lurking around Dim? Would love to see all the oldtimer fat bellied boys again. Remembering you fondly. :wubu:
  4. Jeannie


    Anyone want to join me in some off-topic dialogue? Talk about anything you want! I would love to know more about the people on this board. The BHM/FFA topics are great, but I'd like to talk about other stuff too, if anyone is interested. I'll start by saying that Oklahoma is on FIRE!! I can...
  5. Jeannie

    Yea! It's the weekend!

    Anyone have anything fun planned?
  6. Jeannie

    Obesus, I'm Concerned!

    Obesus has removed his avatar, profile pic and and profile. He has disabled his PM's and e-mails. :confused: :confused: :confused: Does anyone have any idea what happened? He is my good buddy and I just can't believe he would close up shop like this and not tell me what is going on...