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  1. blubberboy767

    Favorite Fattening foods?

  2. blubberboy767

    New Pix

    Well, what can I say? I'm fat and can't wait to get fatter! What do you ladies think? Still too skinny? :)
  3. blubberboy767

    BHM photo face-off?

    Just a thought, would you ladies like to pic the pose/clothes/etc. for some customized pix that my bhm brethren and I could take and post in this link for ya (examples: wearing a very tight thermal shirt, eating ice-cream, jumping jacks, etc)? I never know what to do and it typically turns...
  4. blubberboy767

    Question for the ladies....thoughts on us BHM.

    Hello all, curious fatboy here:D I was just wondering when you ladies realized you liked us BHM? Do your families/friends know? What's the weight of the biggest guy you've dated? Did you find yourself secretly fattening up earlier boyfriends before you realized you liked bhm? Just curious...
  5. blubberboy767

    Holiday Gain Pix

    Hey all, it's been a while since I've visited here and thought I'd post some updated pix. The holiday season was good to me and my waistline as I gained 10 pounds from Thanksgiving to New Year's. Hope you all enjoy and I'll be around more often to chat with my fellow fatboys and FFA's :D
  6. blubberboy767

    Bug's view

    Wow, guess I am fat from a bug's view ;) Now I know why they all run from me:p
  7. blubberboy767


    Let's ignore this punk. Nuff' said :cool:
  8. blubberboy767

    Favorite Fattening foods?

    Well, last night I had five big glasses of Cold Stone Egg Nog which, per serving, is 403 calories and 22 grams of fat! Whoa, I didn't realize that until I finished the carton and felt very bloated and full. I had over 1,000 calories in a little over 30 minutes from a liquid. Gotta get some...
  9. blubberboy767

    A Morph of Me

    Boy, I can't wait to be this size! What do you all think? Should I shoot for it? A friend did these for me and she'd love for me to get to the heaviest one :D
  10. blubberboy767

    Pic of New Fatboy

    I'm fat.:eat1: I'm a boy.:D I love BBW. :wubu: Anyway, I'm new to this board and thought I'd say 'hi' and hopefully I'll have time to really contribute to these boards. Have a good holiday!
  11. blubberboy767

    Thanksgiving Fatboy

    Well, I outdid myself again this year, even by my standards. I ate for almost three hours straight and the final tally was: Turkey leg, turkey thigh, plate full of white meat, three helpings of stuffing/mashed potatoes and gravy, bowl of buttered broccoli, five biscuits, mound of green bean...
  12. blubberboy767


    Hello all, just wondering if anyone either has one, or can write one, story about a transformation from a male to a BBW? I read one a few years back and it's still the most erotic topic I've ever read. Thanks and I love all the stories on the site.
  13. blubberboy767

    Best part of being fat...

    Is playing with the flab! :D
  14. blubberboy767

    FFA and their activities with BHM?

    Hello all, curious BHM here, have any of you ladies ever fed or played around with forced feeding, your BHM? I've been fed and forced fed once and it was one of the most erotic feelings I've ever had and can't wait to do it again, but I was a little curious as to how often this occurs with you...
  15. blubberboy767

    Newly added blubber ;)

    Well ladies, I've been a little piggie the last few weeks and have added some nice new blubber, just don't know what's growing faster, my belly or moobs! :) What do you ladies think?
  16. blubberboy767

    Would you classify me as...?

    Just curious ;) Plump Chubby Fat Obese
  17. blubberboy767

    God I'm FAT!!

    Hey ladies, well after a Saturday of pigging out and watching football this is the end result :) What do ya think? Should I go on a diet or eat another pizza? :rolleyes: Warning: 2nd pic is BGIT (Big guy in Thong)
  18. blubberboy767

    Favorite fatboy body part?

    Hey ladies, just a quick question as to your favorite body parts of us BHM? Are you a belly, butt, round face, chest, etc. girl? Speak up and have fun with it! Defend your choice :D Being more of a pear shaped BHm I'd love to hear your thoughts. Please don't all be belly girls! ;)
  19. blubberboy767

    Belly Pix

    Hey guys, figured this may be fun for the ladies but we should each post a pic of our favorite belly shot? What do ya think? Here's mine:
  20. blubberboy767

    What's up Sexy Ladies?

    Hello all, I've been away for a while and recently came back to a really cool newly designed board. Just wanted to say 'hi' to all the ladies and fellow BHM :) I'm a big fan of the site and a gaining fatboy and plan to post lots and lots of entries :) Hope you all don't get sick of me!