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  1. Mack27

    Gina Carano wasn't fired for tweets, she was fired for gaining weight

    Hollywood has been doing this forever, firing actresses for gaining weight and then blaming it on something else. Change my mind.
  2. Mack27

    Domino's using drones to deliver pizza in the UK Just imagine the possibilities for the future. Maybe in the near future you'll be able to order from any delivery place and have your meals dropped off in your front yard, with no delivery guy...
  3. Mack27

    VH1 "I'm married to a big beautiful woman"

    It was on last night. I thought it was a very positive portrayal of an FA and a BBW and the dance they set up in Buffalo. My girlfriend is in it too by the way, she just says hi at the dance but we got a kick out of it. I watched it today on-demand, it should be available on VH1's website...
  4. Mack27

    Don Cornelius from Soul Train dead

    I'm listening to James Brown in remembrance, my co-workers haven't complained.
  5. Mack27

    Bah Humbug to anything Christmas until after Thanksgiving!

    That is all.
  6. Mack27

    Violet Beauregarde's dad passed away "Violet! You're turning violet Violet!"
  7. Mack27

    I...I Can't wait for Captain America...must concentrate at work...

    Geeking out...must resist..why should it go will be the one escaping...We'll teach you the meaning of Justice! 90 pound weakling picked on and preyed on by bullies, passionately wants to fight for his country, to do the right thing, to fight the axis, keeps getting rejected by...
  8. Mack27

    The cup's in Boston baby!

    Deal. Also bad show on the riots, wtf?
  9. Mack27

    Heyyyy.....What's the big idea?

    A recent marathon of Three Stooges and Our Gang episodes has me using old idioms and patterns of speech with my 3 year old nephews. I think its hilarious when they spout things like "Hey, what's the big idea of not giving me a turn?" "Thanks pal." "And how!" "Scram!" "I'll show you a...
  10. Mack27

    Pax East rocked!

    Also there were lots of gorgeous nerdy BBWs there. End of line.
  11. Mack27

    Overweight women shouldn't get pregnant according to this. More dangerous hogwash if you ask me.
  12. Mack27

    Britney Spears concert FA heaven!

    My sister-in-law wanted to see Britney Spears and my brother, her husband, wouldn't take her. So I was like, "I'll go!" I went looking for tickets online and the only ones left were center-ring front row for $497 a pop. I'm not rich by any stretch but I said "what the hell, I'd like to...
  13. Mack27

    Any Pagan BBW's?

    I had this awesome well-thought response to that Atheist FA thread, and it got closed before I hit the submit button! I hate when that happens. Anyway, Pagans are way more fun than atheists. And no, I didn't see that Pagan FA thread below before submitting this. Adephagia rocks!
  14. Mack27

    Cool beta test Its a really cool concept, a server doing all the work so your computer doesn't have to. I'm trying it on my laptop. Maybe it will be better than the other free solutions out there, its already a lot better in the taking up resources category. Beta testers...
  15. Mack27

    November on Dollhouse gaining weight?

    Miracle Laurie. She's not big by sane standards, but she's a big by Hollywood standards for sure. She seemed bigger in the last episode to me. This video doesn't show the weight gain but look at the contrast between her and the show's star Eliza Dushku in one scene. All of the episodes...
  16. Mack27

    Is an Impala with bench seats good for BBWs?

    It wasn't listed as roomy on but it sure seems roomy to me, and they don't differentiate between bench and bucket seats there. They listed the Crown Victoria as cramped but my super-sized grandmother loves her Crown Vic with bench seats.
  17. Mack27

    A poster in HP thought this should be here

    Its a sad story that some may find offensive.,1518,540831,00.html
  18. Mack27

    Sequel to "TRON"

    Yes I'm old-school geeky enough that I'm excited about a Tron sequel. I read this awesome post on slashdot: by im_thatoneguy (819432) on Saturday July 26, @06:50PM (#24352121) Yeah seriously! Who wants more sequels of a serial visual story telling medium! Stupid comic book sequels...
  19. Mack27

    BSG fans?

    Okay on the episode tonight Boomer/Sharon/Athena said she needed a "data link cable, single-mode, 1310 otherwise you'll blow our interface." In the telecom world in practical usage fiber-optic cables come in 2 flavors, single-mode and multi-mode. Single-mode has less loss and is suitable for...
  20. Mack27

    Weight gain strategies from a personal trainer I thought it was funny. Sorry if you've seen it.