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  1. JASmith

    Wishing to gain, but....

    Hey Folks. Many of you may know that I enjoy stuffing myself as often as I can, but few know that I would REALLY like to gain weight....Lots of weight.... I am 5'9" tall, and somewhere in the 230-240 lb range, so I'm not a small person. My genetics allow for me to pack on the pounds quite...
  2. JASmith

    It's getting more difficult

    Hey Folks, how is everyone today? I've been noticing that it is taking more and more to fill me up to "stuffed" levels lately. Often times, I do eat until I consider myself "full", but rarely do I go farther. I used to eat to "stuffed" levels on a consistent basis(and blew up like a balloon in...
  3. JASmith

    Weight gain shakes

    Hello Folks. Anyone use wg shakes? Currently, I'm using Cytosport Muscle Milk Gainer... It's good stuff! I take the Chocolate, and shake it up with whole milk. I do workout quite hard, so it's more for muscle mass then fat. Take Care, Jason
  4. JASmith

    Anybody YouTube?

    I just opened a YouTube channel for belly vids and appreciation. Nothing special, just me. Anyone else?
  5. JASmith

    Alternative religions

    This is NOT a bash thread, by any means. Does anyone here practice one of the alternative religions? I consider the accepted ones to be Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism...
  6. JASmith

    STUFFED belly pics

    I had a look back through the forum, and I didn't see any threads for pics of us when we are stuffed. How about it, folks? Anyone up to gorging, and then taking a pic of your belly for on here?
  7. JASmith

    Confessions of a stuffing fan.

    Hey Folks, I'll step forward right now and say that I am a big fan of stuffing. Actually, my weight gain was more a result of my interest in stuffing myself than anything else. I just really enjoy the feeling of being overfull; be it with food or fluid. Anyone else out there like me, and take...
  8. JASmith


    Just a random thought thread from myself. I often times wonder how much my genetics would have allowed me to weigh. At my peak, just a little while ago, I was 230 pounds, and was braced and ready for 300. If I had kept up with it, I would be over 250, I'm sure. Sometimes I think to myself...
  9. JASmith

    Hello All.

    My name is Jason, and I used to be a gainer. Started having some health problems, so I've ended that phase of my life, for now. But I still enjoy talking about gaining with folks. For the record, I went up roughly 50 pounds in about a year. Take Care, Jason