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  1. dazz67au

    Any Aussies

    Single Aussie guy from the Gold Coast here :-)
  2. dazz67au

    My fellow video game nerds, whatcha been playing? Part 2

    Now that i have gotten over my Skyrim addiction i am hooked on a cute little IPAd / ipod game called clash of clans !! OMG its so addictive & fun ... my clan is the PT Cruisers, so come say hi !
  3. dazz67au

    2014 Singles Thread

    Hmmm i find myself as part of the crew for 2014 as well , im going to need a comfy chair though ... maybe a bean bag to settle down in.
  4. dazz67au

    Susanne Eman wants to be World's Heaviest Person.

    Good Grief FA punk ...... i cant believe that youre so angry about this issue !! Has Suzanne hurt you in some way personally? I just dont understand youre complete hostility to her. I have chatted to Susanne on numerous occasions & have found her to be an intelligent, sweet & caring...
  5. dazz67au

    Pictures With Your Bestest Friend

    As a long time lurker & hiding in the shadows i'll burst out of the shadows & add one of my best buddy & I.